Why Smartphones & 4G are Important For youth for Nation evolve

What is a Smartphone #Technocrats

Smartphones are mobile phone with advanced feature & operation system, an combination of Computer system & Cell phones, PDA, Music Players, Digital cameras, GPS systems And multiple sensing technology. Every Smartphone is useful for Internet access, touch screen and can run third party applications as social usage or personal. Smartphones mainly comes with Operating systems like Android, IOs, RIM, Windows Os.

Why Smartphone & 4G are better & Important For youth for Nation evolve.

Smartphones are lifeline of youth. Smartphone are important to drive any nation’s economy as well as education standards. It help people to communicate and work & learn happening all around the world. If you have Smartphone which supports Internet technology like LTE/4G can give high-speed mobile broadband internet, motion sensors, 3D technology features to learn and grow eventually. You can do online shopping & online Banking without any problem. It is very important we should know the value & worth of these two things which we are using in life. It can help for get educated, health, security, earnings & manage your office work. Sharing important files or communicating can help everyone as they needed. Now talking about 4G, It has the ability to offer high quality of service for next generation multimedia support. 4G can run Smoothly across heterogeneous networks.

Smartphones, #Technocrats
Smartphones, #Technocrats

If you have smartphone you don’t Require Watch, Digital camera or Bulky computers to carry with you for your day to day work. Do you love music than multiple apps can make you feel awesome to listen to your best choice music anywhere anytime. Smartphone are consisting heavy loaded apps Along with longer battery life which can give you opportunity to take pictures or make long videos without camera or heavy batteries.

Smartphone are biggest revolution in India and it is well recognized earning source for our country in terms of IT & Software development. Growing anyone business or Learning made easy on smartphones. we have seen mass adoption in India for Smartphones.

4G’s Technical Background & Glimpse on 4G

The representation of technology & generations is equal to any fundamental nature change that occurs in the telephony service, non-cultured transmission technology, bit rates peak value, latest Frequencies band, high bandwidth in Hertz & top speed of data transfer based on bit/second/Hertz/site. This Generation technology came into the place a decade ago, when Analogue 1G to Digital transmission appeared in the market, started from 1981 to 1992. After 1G spectrum we have seen 2G followed in 2001, We had very less support of Multimedia in 1G,2G so we gradually found technology advancement in 2011/2012 when 3G came into the market but year by year technology and growing demand of Internet and social media we are in 4th Generation world now along with IP packet switched Networks which giving gigabit speed via Ultra-Broadband. 4G Firmly named as LTE, And now Tech world is Tested with LTE Advanced (Long Term Evolution Advanced) is a candidate for IMT-Advanced standard, which was submitted by the 3GPP organization. LTE Advanced is importantly an huge enhancement to LTE or 4G. This upgraded technology is new and makes technology more cost effective for telecom vendors to offer LTE and then upgrade to LTE Advanced which can be very similar to the upgrade from WCDMA to HSPA. It will provide cheapest and Higher Data speed of transmission.

India’s first 4G TD-LTE technology service launched by Bharti Airtel, in Kolkata on 10 April 2012, in 2013-14 Airtel tested the service before the official launch in India.  we are proudly sharing the info wrt to #Technocrats.

Powerful Online Marketing Strategies that a Newbie can follow to Obtain Positive Results

No one is a professional by birth and this fact applies equally to the world of internet marketing as well. So, if you are a newbie to the world of online marketing, you must start from the very basics and then move to the advanced levels learning new tips and tricks for your business. You must begin with a strategy that is both affordable and causes a considerable impact to help you gain better results as a startup. There are a number of online marketing UAE tools available that a newbie can use to develop a successful strategy for the promotion of his business. However, a few of the strategies that are best for a newbie and are cost-effective along with producing healthy results are discussed below.

Article Marketing:

Article marketing is considered among one of the best strategies in the field of online marketing, which is both powerful as well as cost-effective in terms of capturing a great amount of traffic for your business. For a successful implementation of this strategy, all you need to do is to frame high quality articles and then submit them to various directories available online for your target consumers to find them and read them. Before writing an article, you must stick to the guidelines of search engines regarding the use of keyword, quality of the content and other aspects of an article to use it as an effective tool for your business. A main point that you need to consider, while writing an article is that it should be as informative as possible, so that readers might find it useful enough to share with their social contacts.

Social Media Marketing:

Running a dedicated SEO campaign is not an easy task for a novice advertiser, however, you can start the social optimization from your social media profiles for effective results. There are many tools available on social media sites like fan pages on Facebook and other similar tools on other social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest and many others. You can use fan pages as your web page within Facebook, where you can post deals, offers and other updates about your products or services. Here you can easily get instant traffic that can be converted to leads and hence, improved sales.


Blogging isn’t much different from article marketing, where a prime difference lies in the fact that in blogging, articles are posted on blogs instead of article sites, as in article advertising. By definition, blogs are meant to contain web journals, which are considered as a great marketing tool for businesses. Writing blogs is also free like that of articles, while you can also hire some bloggers to post regular updates, if your budget allows you. Blogs are a great source of traffic, but they need to be regularly updated with fresh posts relevant to your business, thus retaining old and gathering new traffic.

Thus, as a newbie, you can use these simple and cost-effective, yet highly impactful tools to attain desired results from the online marketing for your business services/products. After gaining success with these tools, you can proceed to advanced levels to accomplish better advertisement results for your business.

Author Bio:

James is a freelance writer and has an interest in the tools and techniques used in the marketing world. He has written many articles related to the Social Media Company Dubai context after conducting comprehensive researches to provide his readers with a great source of information.

Five Latest White Hat Techniques Of SEO


In this world, there is a need of optimization of websites with latest SEO techniques in order to maintain existence in the market. Web site owners need to take care of the fact that their websites are being optimized in nature so that they can get a higher volume of the traffic towards their websites and earns much amount of money and increased popularity. There are different types of SEO techniques available in the latest market. Google keeps on changing algorithms, so website owners need to keep their eye on each latest update and trend held in the industry. 5 latest White Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques are mentioned below:

1.    Quality content:

Search engines mainly focus on the content offered by online websites. It is a common known thing that content is king. This is due to the fact that consumers will come to your website in order to get some unique and precious content. There is nothing more precious you can perform for optimizing your websites for the search engines than providing unique and well written content. So, in order to achieve higher ranking in the search engines, websites need to offer unique and valuable content to their readers so that they can maintain their interest on websites.

2.    Use semantic (structural) mark up:

Semantically structuring markup support search engines in order to understand the webpage content, which is indeed a good fact. Proper usage of heating components is necessary because search engines mainly aim on unique content with an availability of heading elements. Usage of CSS for separating the design components from content build code leaner and easier in nature so that search engines can easily find the content for which the users are looking for. Always need to remember the fact that content is king.

3.    Meta and title Data:

There is need of providing proper titles and Meta data to websites because these are many important facts. Due to the presence of the latest algorithms of the Google, search engines do not emphasize on such things in a largely manner but still website owners need to utilize them in a proper and effective manner. Title though carry large amount of weight and also the semantic mark is obvious. Title of anything acts as a declaration syntax regardless of the content type. So, you need to ensure that the titles of your web pages need to be a true representation of page content.


4.    Effective keywords use and keyword research:

When you are going to create a website, you need to take care of keywords and keywords phrases, key phrases and research keywords are one of the handiest tools in order to find your website. You have to use multiple words for keywords which are more specific to your services or products and you will be targeting your readers that are more expected to wish what you are providing to them. You need to use key phrases and keywords you have identified throughout your website. SEO India Agency will help you by letting you know about each and every aspect including latest updates, tools and techniques for Search Engine Optimization methods.

How to Optimize WordPress

If one has to select the most popular blogging platform on the web, WordPress would be the one with highest votes. This article enlists the steps to optimize WordPress for increased performance. But before going ahead with any changes on the WordPress or installation, it is highly recommended that a back up is kept to ensure proper restoration of the blog/website later on.

The following steps can be followed to Optimize WordPress:

  1. Upgrading WordPress to the latest version is a wise idea. This is insisted because of the optimized codes that help in bringing down the CPU consumption of the website.
  2. Next involves installation of W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. The installation does not require many efforts and can be done from one’s own WordPress Dashboard. The two are explained in brief:

a.    W3 Total Cache is the more advanced of the two and has a lot of features. But if it is not set up properly, it can adversely affect the performance of a setup. If one requires advanced features related to caching such as CDN integration or Minify, then this plugin can be utilized for the same.

b.    WP Super Cache is the simpler one and very easy to manage. It is sometimes even set as default.

3      Reviewing the plugins is the next that needs to be done. This would ensure that CPU intensive plugins are disabled, the ones which are not needed. Unnecessary plugins should be deleted as they only increase the resource usage.

4     A lot of themes can be CPU Intensive as well. Thus, reviewing the current theme is the next suggestion.

  • One should make sure that no errors are generated during page loads
  • One must disable the feature of image resizing, if that is possible.
  • For further assistance, one should feel free to contact the theme provider.

5    Number of WP Crons should be minimized as even they contribute a lot to the system load. If they are spread evenly throughout the day, it would give appropriately enough time for each job to get completed.

6    Spam bots management is also something that is highly recommended. Blockage of web spiders, non-human surfers. There are a lot of plugins that are specially designed to control spam and prevent them. One of them should definitely be employed.

7    Limit Bots and Web Crawlers. Configuring the domains to have a low-crawl delay can easily take care of this issue.  Configuring a robots.txt file is also highly recommended. This action does best in bringing down the rate of crawlers initiated requests on a website and allows better and legitimate traffic to be attended.

These seven changes do not guarantee WordPress fixes, but they are good enough to take care of the initial corrections for heavy load issues on WordPress websites. It is evident that this concept is going steady and the growth is enormous, one should consider these steps to optimize a WordPress blog or website to its best.

About Author: This is a guest post submitted by Chandra Bhushan on behalf of – 9gag clone wordpress theme .




Important Reasons Why Your Blog Is A Failure

When you think your blogging is not keeping up with the standards, it means it is time to get down to business and understand the real reason why your blog is failing. I’ve listed seven, just to name a few.

  1. 1.      Superficial Ideas.

You can buy Facebook likes and Twitter fans; you even try to fudge the numbers. And you hire an immigrant with English as a second language to write your seven-dollar articles and blog post. If you’re doing all these be sure that you make a little bit of money off of it.

  1. 2.      A buyer of every tool and program available on the market.

This is a foolish thing to do because you end up like a child on Christmas; you realize that playing with the wrappings was more exciting than the actual product.

  1. 3.      You are always changing shifts.

You can’t keep on changing your Blog strategies,come up with one interesting idea and try sticking to it with it!

  1. 4.      You fail to get serious about your work.

You are losing your focus as a good blogger. Ifit is some motivation that you need, you need to understand that if your business fails, you will have the bad times ahead with the current economy.

  1. 5.      You quit after six months.

You are losing interest in your blog after a while. In such case, think of your blog like a baby. You need to carry it for at least nine months. Then, you have to go through the pains of giving birth. Then, you have to nurture and raise that child into adulthood. Always remember to treat your business like a baby. Get serious and understand that it is a lifelong commitment.

If you see the pattern very closely you will realize thatonly few new blogs become successful and more than too much fell into oblivion. Right now only the successful blogs will probably be the only ones to be up and running for a long time.This definitely is a bad news for newcomers. There are a lot of reasons why blogs fail, and it begins at conception!

  1. 6.      Introvert Blog.

There are a lot of new bloggers who tend to just focus on their blogs, not actually realizing that they won’t have a good amount of audience without proper marketing. Marketing is quite a heavy word which of course entails a longer period of work than the blog post itself. Enable email subscription. Email marketing is very important!

  1. 7.      Poor usage of Social Media. 

You should know how to leverage Facebook and your friends (and your friends’ friends), Twitter marketing, Pinterest, and Google+, Reddit, and a lot more.

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How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in Quite Few Months

If you wish to increase the traffic to your blog in a short time span say, 2 or 3 months there are many important things you need to fix your concentration on.

  1. 1.      Adding content equals Adding Traffic: Blog about some of the trending topics but come up with unique ideas. Create these posts; promotethem whileconcentrating on careful words on the title tag for those posts and then start to cross link those posts within other contents you have already written or currentlywriting with relevant and varied keyword phrases.
  2. 2.      Try at Adding Good Content:Not every post you create has to be, for the sake of getting traffic from search engines or make money with affiliate marketing. These are generally referred as “loss leader” posts. A loss leader is a product that the merchant knows it won’t make any profit  directly – they might even lose money on them. It’s more of a “get them to the store and hopefully they will buy other things” play. Loss leader content doesn’t make money directly, but it helps to increase your branding, your traffic, and your visibility and bring new people to your blog.
  3. 3.      Google+ Communities:Most of you must have already heard or know about the newest Google+ feature – Communities. By posting informative articles to the communities, you can double your website traffic. For the Google communities to work in favour of your business or brand you should post your content inside the appropriate Google+ Communities. This can get you a lot of brand and traffic exposure.
How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in Quite Few Months
How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in Quite Few Months

Don’t just share links from your own site, but also try to comment on and share other people’s content.By engaging in the right Google+ community, you would be able to make the connections with other members and thus get traffic to your blog.

  1. 4.      Link Outreach:Link outreach is hard, you send 100+ emails and end up getting just a few links.

You need to consider some of these:

  • Write more long form content. You need to have quality content (at least 800+ words) before you even do link outreach.
  • Engage with those on social media sites. Before sending an email pitch, you should connect with those people before hand.
  1. 5.      Focus on Quality over Quantity:Despite these types of blog posts are going to take a lot of time, the benefits are endless.Once you start focusing on writing quality content, over time you’ll learn that this is one of the best tips for better blogging.Be it a guest post or content on your site, focus on Quality. Quality content means it is valuable,this lets you earn the trust of your readers and the search engines.

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