Remote Desktop feature that was introduced by Microsoft in Windows 7 and Windows 8 is an amazing feature that allows you to connect to your PC remotely i.e. without even being near the system. Remote Desktop allows a user to access his system from virtually anywhere. However, by default two users cannot simultaneously access Windows system though it is not entirely impossible. In this tutorial I will give a step by step procedure on enabling simultaneous sessions in Window 8.

Windows 8 Media
Windows 8 Media

In order to allow this feature one has to follow the following procedure carefully:

  1. Download Universal Termsrv.dll from Google and extract the zip file. After extracting you will obtain two patch programs each for a different version of the Windows operating system i.e. 32Bit (x 86) and 64bit (x 64)
  2. In the event of a 64 Bit Operating system Right click the file UniversalTermsrvPatch-x64.exe then select Run as Administrator to run the file with Administrator privileges.
  3. Click Patch button thus beginning the patch process which will then start changing registry files, so make sure you create a restore point before running patch.
  4. 4.      The program will replace Termsrv.dll in the registry while automatically saving a back-up for modification later on if the user so desires.
  5.  Once the process is complete restart your system in order for the changes to take effect.
  6. We will then enable Incoming Remote Desktop Connections by right clicking on Computer and selecting properties.
  7. Click on Remote Settings on the left side of the window this will open a window titled System Properties choose any one of the three options preferably Allow remote connections to this computer. By doing that the system administrator will automatically be added to the list of remote users.
  8. After selecting this option Windows will automatically start to configure Windows Firewall to allow Remote Desktop traffic.
  9. To access Remote Desktop connection over the internet the router in use musts also be configured to forward any incoming RDP connections to the target Computer.

In doing the above, you will have configured the system to allow simultaneous sessions in Windows 8. Thus you can access your system remotely no matter who else is using the system. However, it is important to note that use of this patch is in defiance of Microsoft License Agreement.

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Get Whims for iOS against Instagram App

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Instagram is huge because it’s a network made of people who are passionate about taking pictures of things that they see and then dropping a cool filter on them to enhance their vision. It caught on immediately with everyone from geeks to Starbucks baristas. Since then, many companies have tried to duplicate the magic that Instagram used to sell itself to Facebook, but have failed. An app called Whims is trying something completely different, but extremely familiar. The social network iOS app lets you express yourself with words, colors and fonts only. There are no pictures. There are no videos — just you and your thoughts. I’ve been playing with it for quite a while and I really love it.

Instagram app
Instagram app


Expression is what the Internet is all about, and when services come along that allow us to express ourselves in different ways, I pay attention. Whims has done just that, and the app is really fun to use. You can enter a saying, thought or anything on your mind, and then make it beautiful.


The layout of the app is definitely something that will remind you of Instagram. You can follow people, and read the stream of “Whims” that fly by. You can like things and share them on Facebook or Twitter, but more importantly you can make your own:


It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and it takes some creativity and imagination. These are the things that make for some great content. I really like the team behind Whims and one of its founders, Alex Khorram, was extremely persistent with pitching me on this. In fact, he used a Whim or two to get my attention, and boy did it work. Try it out.

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