Strong features in the Google’s Cheap 2700 bucks Smartphone

The biggest search engine Google will introduce its smartphone soon. Executive Chairman of Google said in this regard that the Google phone would be cheaper and with many attractive features. Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said Google Smartphone x is designed with the help of Motorola phone with attractive look and many phone features x.
x phone
x phone
The past few months in discussions is running about Google phone, after his statement at the mobile Conference, speculation has put the break. Schmidt said that Google’s product is like new. He said that, like Google’s Smartphone will not work only phone but it has many more features.
Google Chairman did not told anything about phone size. about a month ago in New Delhi are effective program hosted by NASSCOM,  Eric Schmidt said that the Smartphone will be smart and cheaper than before. He said that he is not the day when in the hands of the common man on a 2860 bucks. Google working on a model that has a manafort cost 50 US dollars in Indian currency i.e RS 2700.
Schmidt said that not only one more accessible to more people, than the increase among the people, that man can afford Internet access will grow too.
Google phone over an existing phone features and applications will be added to the Smartphone market this opportunity to raise investment in India, he also said.

Google Adds Google+ Profile Pictures, One-Click Chat

favorite avatars

Google keeps integrating Google+ deeper into all of its products and today it’s Drive’s turn. When you open a file in Drive, you will now see the Google+ profile pictures of other viewers at the top of the document. Hovering over them brings up their Google+ card with their cover image and which Google+ circle you currently have them in. This, Google says, will make it easier to see who you are collaborating with on any given Drive document.

Google is also making it a bit easier to start group chats in Drive. You can now simply select the new chat button at the top right of the page and start chatting away. In the previous version, you first had to open up a drop-down menu to see who else was looking at a document and then start a chat from there.

Anonymous Chupacabra

chatIn case there is an anonymous user who is looking at your document (which could happen if you decide to share your file through a link or with somebody who doesn’t have a Google account), Google will now identify them as an “anonymous [animal name].”

There seem to be quite a few of those, as Google Operating System’s Alex Chitu noted last week when Google first started testing this feature publicly, ranging from “Anonymous Anteater” to “Anonymous Dinosaur,” with a few kraken and chupacabras thrown in for good measure.