Xiaomi Launches Latest Flagship MI 5 in India in Just 24,999 INR

After the Successful launch in China last month  Xiaomi flagship with killer specifications has now reached India. The 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory variant is priced at Rs 24,999. In India, it will be available in Silver color variant. Its sales through April 6 will flash sale on the company’s official website.

India will not get 64GB and 128GB variants as of now. This means you’ll have to be content with just 32GB. Inspire and the slim design of the Mi Note. The company has been in use 3D glasses. 14g lighter than the iPhone 6S according to the company’s phone and its weight is 129g. Also you can avail the damage protection in just Rs 499 for the company’s protection, scheme, which can be obtained from the official website Mi Protect.


Processor and RAM
The phone consist of company’s high-end specifications, including the new processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and 3GB LPDD4 RAM included.

Compared with iPhone 6S
The company during the launch of this phone are quite tall claims. Compare it with the iPhone 6S is. 14 grams lighter than the iPhone 6S it has been reported.

The marshmallow is built on Android OS
Marshmallow-based custom OS running on the camera of this phone, the company has Compare with other flagship devices. Xiaomi is the first device in the front as well as a fingerprint scanner also has physical buttons.

This is special for photography & Selfie
5.5-inch screen, 16 megapixel smartphone face detection autofocus and 4-megapixel front camera. This phone supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and has a USB Type C port.

GSMA said that By the end of 2015 India will have 50 million mobile users

According to a report by the  GSMA’s global organization Telecommunications companies in the country by the end of this year the number of mobile users will be more than 50 million. The revelation Thursday came from a study of the GSM Association.

13 per cent of the world’s mobile users are in India

The mobile economy: India 2015 telecommunication report says that 13 per cent of the world mobile users live in India. The report also stated that in the next few years in the country, regional and global customer base will grow faster than average.

mobile users
mobile users

Rapid rise of mobile Internet users

According to the report, the number of mobile subscribers in the country at the end of 2014 was 45.3 million, while the end of 2015 is expected to exceed 50 million.The report also showed that since 2010 have moved fast mobile internet user. In 2010, the mobile user to use the Internet, while less than 10 million by the end of 2014 were more than 30 million.

India’s second largest mobile market after China

Acting director general and chief technology officer of the GSMA, Alex Sinclair said, “India is a special mobile market. Mobile have changed in the lives of people and mobile is playing an important role in economic development. Also constant availability of spectrum also played an important role in India. The Topic was brought you by #Technocrats.

Love MicroMax! How to buy Canvas SPARK?

If you mobile buddy then you would love to buy Micromax canvas Spark. As of now the Registrations closed ! but you CAN  Fire Up Your World of mobile in just 4999/- INR. The mobile consists 8MP + 2MP Camera 4.7 qHD Display Gorilla® Glass 3, Its powered with 1.3GHz Quad Core  Android Lollipop Software But at this moment REGISTRATIONS ARE OVER FOR THIS FLASH SALE. If you wish then Get notified for the next flash sale.

Micromax CanvasSpark
Micromax CanvasSpark

Features are listed Below :

Powerful Quad Core Processor

Access multiple apps effortlessly and enjoy powerful performance with
the 1.3GHz Quad Core Processor of Canvas Spark.

  • 1.3GHz Quad Core Cortex A7 Processor
  • Mediatek MT6582M chipset
  • 1 GB DDR3 RAM
  • ARM Mali-400 GPU
  • 1,300MHz CPU Clock Speed
Brilliant Camera

Click Pics your favourite moments in stark clarity with 8MP rear camera and
capture your moods with the 2MP front camera.

  • 8MP AF Rear camera with Flash
  • 2MP FF Front camera
  • Face beauty mode in Front and Rear Camera
  • Largan Lens
  • OV Sensor 8858

It has Big 11.93cm (4.7) Screen

Get ready for a visual treat on the Huge 11.93cm (4.7) IPS qHD Screen of
the Micromax Canvas Spark.

  • Big 11.93cm (4.7) IPS Screen
  • 540*960 Screen Resolution
  • 16M colour depth

Coming with Corning gorilla glass 3

The Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 on your Canvas Spark adds durability, improves
scratch resistance and offers captivating visuals with outstanding clarity.

Android Lollipop OS

Experience the sweetest Android OS on the Micromax Canvas Spark with Lollipop 5.0.

  • Aesthetic design
  • Notifications on lock screen
  • Priority Mode: Get faster access by customizing app usage
  • Pin Apps- Limit the access of apps for external users



Play Subway Surfers Game Online with Your Buddies

There are probably countless games online today, but subway surfers game online is top quality game that would bring awesome smile on the faces of gloomy and sad children. Why so? Actually most of the players don’t know how to play subway surfers online. Believe us or not subway-surfers game is one of the most rapidly popular games in Europe recently. Why is it so popular game worldwide?

This game is well known due to its splendid quality features and staggering characters. You will have to become extra smart especially when playing subway surfers online game. Also you will have to make use of your aesthetic sense when playing such sort of games online with friends. These are the best source for those children who seek a real pleasure. That’s what they are called as the most stimulating games online. These will really make your kids’ brain sharp and intelligent.

You must have heard about android games. Subway surfers are the real games for lifetime entertainment of your kids. They are very cool games which have endless replay value. They contain unique power ups and awesome HD graphics. Probably subway surfers are one of the most acrobatic games online which have a strong floating jet pack.  These have special coins for each player. The more a player will snatch coins during the stages the more he will have a chance of getting high score at the end of each stage of the game. Further there will be magnetic for players throughout the game.

Play Subway Surfers Game Online with Your BuddiesIt is just a wonderful video game online that will really provide an enormous enjoyment to toddlers and younger children. If you want to compete against your buddy in a much stronger way, feel free to download subway surfers now. In this game, players will have a strong mission statement. What is the ultimate objective of game player? The players will have to get rid of inspector and his dog as quickly as possible by employing graffiti. Jake is one of the most awe-inspiring characters of this game. Jake is widely known as a versatile artist and acrobatic performer. Therefore, presence of Jake cannot be overlooked by any means throughout the game.

Then we cannot overlook the significance of some other kinds of amazing characters in this beautiful game. These characters are famously known as samba, Goth and street theater. In addition, break dance and folk dance are important characters. Overall, it is really amazing yet creative game online. So feel free to download your favorite game on your PC now by visiting subwaysurfers.net.

Different SEO Packages to Make A Difference in Your Site Reputation

The hiring SEO Company is important and a valuable decision for your website in case you are not sure which technique is right for you and how you are going to do it. Every website needs marketing techniques so that they can impress the major search engines and for this you will need to choose affordable website SEO services that you need. These SEO packages are beneficial, affordable and you will get each and every service in that single package. Keeping the techniques of effective SEO in mind these companies offer several packages to choose from here some of the packages are explained.

SEO ranking pages

These are the general packages that offer you with a chance of getting unpaid traffic, organic search which is automatically going to increase your sales. With this you are going to get detailed reports and with this package you are going to get complete competitive analysis, article creation, link building, social bookmarking, etc… Through the analysis you will find ways how you can beat the competition and avail maximum benefits.

Social media marketing packages

Everyone knows the popularity of the social networking sites, online communities, blogs etc. There are social networking packages which are available and they are popular. With these media marketing services you can get huge amount of traffic on your websites. These packages are mainly beneficial for brand marketing. With these packages you can instantly get traffics. These packages are popular among dating, college, schools, and relationships websites.

 Article submission packages

This one is considered as the most important package   and this also provides with long term results. This will take a bit longer clicks, but also provides you with the best options and long term results. One of the best sources to get quality links is back links with lots of informative information related to the website. This is going to increase the chances that your customers are going to buy the product. Your articles are also going to remain in the directory until it is alive.

Link building packages

This package will help you in gaining the traffic for your website and will also increase the ranking of your website. It will also help you in earning extra money and you will increase the chances of getting quality back links. These links are going to make your websites much popular among the visitors and search engines.

There are several other packages such as SEO mini, dedicated see packages and much more. The companies are offering the combinations of these packages so that people can choose them according to their needs and requirements.  You can choose the package you want and it is easily going to fit in your budget.

All these packages are best in providing effective results for the small as well as big business owners. There re SEO service providers which are present on the internet and you can easily choose them by comparing them online. Make sure that you have clear in mind which package is going to provide you with the best results.

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Today’s life cannot be imagined without a mobile phone. The need for communication among people has led to the overcoming of spatial differences. Only a few decades ago we could not even imagine that we will be able to talk, at any place and anytime, with someone who’s thousands of miles away. Today’s technology allows us even to see the person talking on the phone. Until recently it all was in the field of science fiction.

Everybody should choose mobile phone according to his needs and lifestyle. Some people need the simplest functions, others need complicated applications. But the fact is that from day to day cell phone technology is improving and becoming more advanced and complicated.

mobile phones

Smartphone will know how you feel:

For most people smart phone is the best friend. That is the thing that they hold in their hands for the most time of the day. This is indisputable. But their smart phones cannot help them when they are sad or inform their family when they’re happy.

Scientists are working on that further integration of smart phones and their users. They believe that smart phones should know how their customers feel. Therefore, there is a developed program that should in 93% of cases correctly predict the mood of the user. The emphasis is not on the smart phone to say how he feels, because the user knows that the best, but to warn others that the user is, for example angry. So others can avoid user, because he is angry.

Benefits of navigation on your mobile phone:

Navigation within the mobile application is recently available on Android smart phones. We all know how important is to find the desired location, especially if we are on the trip. Thanks to android smart phones, we can search for restaurants, companies, attractions and more, in wanted area. We can also read the recommendations and descriptions. We do not have to spread the huge paper maps or ask passersby where the desired object is. We just need a few clicks on our smart phone.

Today, there are many models and types of mobile phones. There is also available a huge selection of equipment for mobile phones. Visit the site http://.en.goodscheine.net, and see its offer of shops, discounts and coupons for buying products related to mobile phones and other technology achievement, available for its users.

Navigation uses your internet connection to show the latest maps, offering voice navigation. The navigation tools are regularly updated to the most recent data from the internet. This means that users will not have to buy a new upgraded version of maps or manually update their devices. You no longer have to look at the phone screen to track the route. You can just listen to the voice instructions. The application is designed for android phones. Thus, the application brings all the advantages of Android tablets. These new applications allow their users to explore the world from the comfort of the living room easier and more fun.

There are many more achievements in the field of mobile telephony. Some of them are still not readily available, or are available for a small number of users. Enjoy the advantages of new technology and make your life easier by getting the newer versions of the cell phone. And goodscheine can help you with that.