Htc One Dual Sim Reviews: Features Specifications

The mobile market today is incessantly growing bigger and bigger with every passing day and never stopping at all. In this run, the dual sim Smartphones were seen playing an inevitable role. Ever since the mobile phones have shifted from luxury to necessity level, the sustained development in this hemisphere was quite really notable. And this time, it was HTC who has dared to bring about a big hog in its widely admired HTC One. Of course, the company has now launched yet another sibling of the prolifically bestowed HTC One with dual sim support functionality. The roof beam of the madly designed and intelligently made HTC One is all set to take up the new challenge and emerge out as the apple of everyone’s eye. There is simply no compromise with the performance and features of the mobile phone at all; however, it offers an extra slice of the new dual sim support. Certainly, that means now you can have a hold onto your both your world in one single go. Chic body make up is still the same and also the wonderful and powerful performance laden features are nothing much to brag about.


Design and build:

The mobile phone sports full metal body with tapered edges and above all, it is altogether slim. Certainly, you will feel pampered after having a heartwarming hold onto this amazing piece of technology. The design is really differentiated and unique in itself, there is simply no irony about the same. Plus, the sleek and compact aluminum body make offers it a light weight profile that makes it pretty easier to slide down inside the pocket. Moving onto the front portion then it can be very well gauged that the mobile phone flaunts amazing 4.7 inches, Super LCD3 capacitive touch screen that boasts a screen resolution of amazing 1080 x 1920 pixels. Now that certainly means that the display quotient is way amazing that you might probably expect in high end Smartphone. Icing the cake is the scratch resistant screen guard that is mounted over the screen that stands out to highly touch responsive. Finally, the build and design make of this amazing mobile phone caters few more brownie cakes for its overwhelming an amazing body make.

Performance packed hardware and software:

This is quite really understood that the all new chum is more or less similar in terms of performance to its predecessor. Like its elder brother, the new sibling in the family is also optimized to run on the Android platform, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system that can be further upgraded to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Now, an upgradeable OS means a lot of improvement in many scales, whether it’s the security features or application downloads from Google play. Apart from this, as we peep into the carcass of the mobile phone then it can be seen that the quad core processor with a clock speed of 1.7 GHz has been intelligently paired with 2 GB of RAM. Thus, multitasking and handling multitude application run isn’t an alien thing now. Additionally, the rear portion is carved with a mind blowing 4 Ultra Pixels snapper that promises superfine picture clarity with brilliant colors. Similarly, the front portion is also laden with a 2.1 Megapixels camera for smooth video calling experiences.

Colossal memory:

One would surely be taken aback to know that the built in memory of this futuristic aboriginal mobile phone totals to 32 GB. Furthermore, it can be amplified up to monster 64 GB, which is yet again a breath breaker.


You might probably think a lot about the HTC One dual sim best price in India and chances are there that you end up wondering that the price tag would be an aggressive one. However, this is possibly not the same all the times, the price tag of the all new member in the ongoing One family is completely justified when compared to the features that it has.

Micromax A88 vs. Intex Aqua Wonder

Micromax A88 vs. Intex Aqua WonderThe war between the Smartphones is not taking a hold in any sphere, it’s just going on and on. This is for a simple reason that Android’s popularity in terms of its performance rich features and easy to response interactive user interface has pulled in many rivals for the same. Nevertheless, the clashes between the giants have pushed the technology to new fronts and it’s the end users that have been greatly benefitted by the same. What happens when Micromax and Intex show up in the Smartphone arena on an open confrontation? Perhaps either one would end up making little kudos or will face the conflict’s heat. This is still uncertain to decide that who will be the uncrowned king of the battle. Let us check out to know what’s cooking between the two rival folks.

Design and build:

There is always a lot to talk about on the design and build category. This is no wonder that the design and build aspects. However, as a matter of fact that the bar form Smartphones hardly share big differences amid each other but still, even a smallest difference will make change and as the saying goes, “Big surprises come in small packages.”

The Intex Aqua Wonder features the build dimension of 133.2 mm x 67.9 mm x 8.90mm mm with a mere weight of 125 grams. This is pretty decent body make up but its design is pretty similar to that of its predecessor.

On the other side of the ring stands Micromax A88 that measures around 112 mm x 60.5 mm x 11.5 mm with 132 grams. The build dimensions of both the rivals aren’t much distinctive but Intex on one hand seems slightly thinner and broader as compared to Micromax A88. But making a decision on the basis of carcass might not be a very good idea to go with. So, it is more of a tie at the moment.

Advantage: Tie


The Aqua Wonder from Intex is powered with a dual core processor, which is set at a clock speed of 1 GHz and is further partnered with amazing 512 MB of built in RAM. Thus, handling multitude application run in one single go is no more alien for a device like this, which is blessed with workaholic features.

Over the other side of the arena, its A88 from Micromax that comes featured with 1 GHz MediaTek MT6577, Dual-Core processor along with 512 MB RAM. Now, here it comes again, both the Smartphones have a dual core processor underneath their hood and also the same system memory. Making which one is better off the other would be a real daunting task, but I would not recommend Intex over Micromax if it is in context with the performance.

Advantage: Micromax A88

Operating System:

Since both the Smartphones are optimized to run on the same Android platform, however on different versions. So, somehow this could slightly be a thorn in evaluating the winner up.

Aqua Wonder from Intex runs on the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean operating system that means it offers full access to the Google Play Store and also offers customizable home screen and widgets.

Whereas, the Micromax A88 also runs on the same Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System and does the same tasks like the other Android powered Smartphones.

Advantage: Tie


Camera sometimes stands to be the one of the most common deciding factors while picking up a Smartphone. Let’s see what these two rivals are up to over the same.

Aqua Wonder is embedded with 8 Megapixels primary snapper that is coupled with an LED flash. And, the front portion is bolted with 1.3 Megapixels camera that proves pretty decent for carrying out distortion free video calling experience.

Talking about the Micromax A88, the mobile phone also braves 5 Megapixels snapper at its rear end that is supported by LED flash and the front portion comes fitted with VGA camera.

There is a pretty visible difference between the Megapixels count of both the snappers and that could certainly be a thorn for the Micromax.

Advantage: Intex Aqua Wonder


It isn’t that easy to evaluate the winner in just handful of differentiating aspects. Undoubtedly, both the Smartphones are promising enough to deliver the best out of best performance every time. However, the Micromax A88 price is slightly lesser than that of the Intex one. But still, recommending Intex over Micromax would be a bad regard to a company that is now an internationally recognized mobile phone giant.

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Acer launched touch screen tablet and Ultrabook laptop

Computer and laptop maker Acer today based on the Windows 8 operating system on tablets and laptops Ultrabook introduced. Acer India Managing Director Harish Kohli said the company Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet-based Acer, Aspire Aspire P3 Ultrabook and R 7 is launched laptops.


He also pointed out that by 2015, 80 percent of Acer products will be on the touch screen. Acer has become the first company to launch 8.1-inch tablet. The company is focused on portability and mobility which these products will love the various consumer segments.

Acer A110
Acer A110

Acer India chief marketing officer. Rajendran said Aikonia 3 Compact design because of its quite convenient tool for reading and web browsing. With entertainment – with the desktop application and the screen is made of professionals and students in mind. It weighs only 540 grams and is 11.35 mm. Is diluted.


The Aspire Aspire R7 P3 Altrabuk and traditional notebook pad and can be easily used as a display. Iconia 3 tablet priced at Rs 30 499, 54 499 and Aspire Aspire of P3 Ultrabook R 7 laptop will be priced at Rs 74,999.

Oppo Find 5 Mini leaks, said to pack a 3.7 inch 720p screen

Oppo released the Find 5 recently and they are now looking forward to release the mini version of this Find 5 flagship very soon. The small version of the Oppo Find 5 flagship Android Smartphone dubbed ‘Oppo Find 5 Mini’ will actually have the same design as the bigger version but the screen at the front will be smaller.

Most of the features for this device will just be the same as the specifications of the regular big Find 5. If you have been looking forward to having a smaller device of the same features as the Find 5 then you are very lucky as you will be able to have the same qualities in a small body which is light to carry and convenient to have around.


The unique features of the Oppo Find 5 Mini

  • This Oppo Find 5 Mini will be well equipped with a perfect display of 3.7 inch diagonally as well as the resolution of 720p. This shows the small version of the Oppo Find 5 made in a unique and wonderfully small display
  • It is also expected to pack the quad-core processor which is the same as the one of the big Find 5 even with its smaller size making it to be a very powerful small version of the flagship. This however has not yet been confirmed.
  • The Oppo Find 5 Mini will feature a 1.2 GHz Mediatek CPU as well as the LCD display which may seem to be a bit far less capable and these may be meant to actually keep the price for this device in check.
  • The Oppo Find 5 Mini may also have different colour options that surfaced through some few images. Those colours of the device are expected to be blue, green, red and yellow. These are the few features that are known at the moment with other specifications not yet known but as soon as any information appears, you will definitely get posted.

What about the availability and pricing of the Oppo Find 5 Mini?

Rumour has it that this Oppo Find 5 Mini will be selling at a price between 199 Euros to 249Euros which is lower than the regular Find 5 which sells for 399 Euros.

The date for the official announcement, the release of the Oppo Find 5 Mini and when it will actually hit the markets is not yet known.

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Samsung announces Dual-SIM galaxy Core

Are you a fun of Samsung galaxy Smartphones? You are finally having a new flagship from Samsung as they officially announced the Galaxy Core Smartphone. If you love the dual-SIM then you must be feeling very good because this Galaxy Core from Samsung will come with an optional dual-SIM support.

The dual-SIM galaxy core is also a mid-range device that will come in variant such that you can get the same Smartphone with single-SIM or the one of the dual-SIM depending with your need of communication and what you really want. Since this is a mid-range Smartphone, it will be pocket friendly and very affordable to those who are in need of the dual-SIM devices at a reasonable price.


The unique features of this Samsung Dual-SIM Galaxy Core

  • This Galaxy Core will be well equipped with the 1.2 GHZ dual-core processor as well as the 1GB of RAM which is very perfect for the good performance of the device
  • The Galaxy Core will also be well equipped with a 4.3 inch WVGA of 800 x 480 resolutionsTFT LCD for effective use to view the videos, photos, images, documents and for good gaming
  • The Galaxy Core will also be having a rear camera of 5 megapixels with LED flash as well as the VGA front camera for those users who love the photography so much and would want quality images for future references.
  • It will also be well equipped with powerful internal memory of up to 8 GB as well as the microSD card slot for the expansion of memory for storage of data.
  • The Galaxy Core will be well equipped with the Bluetooth 3.0 and it will be able to connect effectively to the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n as well as to the A-GPS among other local and international networks.
  • This Galaxy Core will be running on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system which is the best operating system for this kind of the mid-range Smartphone from Samsung.
  • The Galaxy Core will also be well equipped with 1800 mAh battery for effective operation of all the other features of the device.

When should you expect the dual-SIM Galaxy Core in the market?

The Galaxy Core dual-SIM variant will be available for sale in the course of this month. If you have been waiting for it then you must be very happy about the news as you get ready for it.

The single-SIM variant however will delay a bit and it will go on sale by July this year and the availability of the devices will also depend on the market and the demand for them.

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Inducing BLU Quattro 4.5 HD in the Future Zone of Next Generation Mobile

The coming generation is surely expecting a lot from the future. Surely, the winning platform from the mobile world has been Android and Samsung as a manufacture has managed to hit the barricade of success in this region. Not far away is HTC which is known as the domicile of HD handsets in mobile world. Smartphone is the common word that justifies there presence and there are many other manufacturers in the making. Among the leaders in HD mobile handsets, BLU is one of the unique and discreet manufacturers of mobile handsets. The next leap in the mobile world from BLU is registered with BLU Quattro 4.5 HD mobile.

Churning out things in a positive direction, BLU Quattro 4.5 HD has been announced to arrive soon in 2013 with magma features and extensive support. Though BLU is not known that much when it comes to deliverance in the smartphone zone but with IPS display and Tegra 3 processor, it is close to a high end tablet PC and other HD devices.

BLU Quattro 4.5
BLU Quattro 4.5

Hardware and Software Specifics for BLU Quattro 4.5 HD Marks Excellence

BLU Quattro 4.5 HD marks the power coating in HD mobile arena. With aluminum buttons and sleek finishing, design graphics has laid the competitive distinction from leaders in smartphone arena like Samsung and others. In fact, the quad core processor along with nVidia Tegra 3 1.4GHz multithreading engine has made it far more usable for all. Standing tall with 1 GB RAM and whooping 16 GB internal NAND storage with divided ruler specifics has made it popular instantly.

Though BLU Quattro 4.5 HD is not great in looks but BLU inducing silicon casing is just superb in all senses. This saves it from the unconditional scratching and damage to the screen due to mishandling. Perhaps the best part about BLU Quattro 4.5 HD is the display of the mobile. Considered as the biggest strength, it supports 1080p resolution with IPS panel offering angle viewing and crisp displays. This competes well with the high end devices in market like HTC One X and Optimus series from LG. Vibrant colors and large block display makes it even better.

Coming to the audio section, BLU Quattro 4.5 HD is installed with symmetrical speaker grills and houses the dual tone speakers. Average music and audio range is provided to users from BLU Quattro 4.5 HD. The next generation high end would love to improvise the audio junction of this mobile.

BLU Quattro 4.5 HD
BLU Quattro 4.5 HD

Quality and Conclusion of BLU Quattro 4.5 HD

Overall, a comprehensive experience is managed though BLU Quattro 4.5 HD for the next generation and current going hand in hand. Personally, people would love to feel the hold of this smart end phone which is close to the next future device. BLU Quattro 4.5 HD themes and looks have gathered the most distinction along with the amazing specifications. Talking about the camera portion, 8MP is more than enough to support the eye viewing in HD quality. Along with that, 1.3MP in the front makes it a complete enigma. BLU Quattro 4.5 HD has a strong future and proves to be the next big rival in the mobile market for all.

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