Googles Annual Functions – New Things Are Coming From Google I/O

If you have not seen or got the Nougat Os update on your Android smartphone or can you just have to emphasize that  Google will be coming with Android ‘O’ in upcoming days. It will take your mind so bothered because Google I/O conference date is set & Announced.

Google I/O
Google I/O

Google I / O Google search engine will be an annual program where its new gadgets, new software features and products to all future launches. The event will take place May 17 to 19 this year. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that on his twitter account.

If you want to know what Google’s toolbox is bringing for you, then you definitely must participate in this conference. As you may know, Google Android N launched last year and this year the company is planning to launch Android O. However, reports say that only 1 percent of Android smartphone Android Nougat update now has only reached.


Also this time, the company’s new search and Google Voice service will be much discussion. What will be interesting to see the name of the next Android. Do you know the name of every Android is placed over a dessert oreo this time can be placed. The last time Google launched two apps ALLO and DUO. So this time you can get to see something new.

Reliance Jio is ready to launch its chepeast 4G VoLTE in 1500 INR

Reliance Jio is ready to launch its chepeast 4G VoLTE feature & supported phone in upcoming days. The price range will be Rs 999 and Rs 1,500. It has facility of Free voice calls and other features in these phones which is unlimited. The photo has now been leaked on internet.

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, With the price tag only Rs.1,500 RJio will use Spreadtrum chipset to enable the feature of 4G VoLTE calls in the phone. To complete this work company will take help from the company Qualcomm and MEdiaTek.

This is said “RJio is at the forefront of 4G, surpassing Airtel”: TRAI


It is believed that the company with the help of these features, the phone will try to promote their apps. Like Jio Chat, Live TV, Video-on-demand and JioMoney etc. Being predicted that both the front and back side camera in the phone. Currently, no information about the launch of this phone is received.

Existing 4G VoLTE smartphones is now starting price of Rs 3500-4000. Live in such a free service can take advantage of a limited group of people. Happy New Year to the company that will be called before the end of the offer to be launched.

Reliance jio Feature Phone with VoLTE. Rs 1500.
Reliance jio Feature Phone with VoLTE. Rs 1500.

Feature Phone with VoLTE. Rs 1500.

Xiaomi Launches Latest Flagship MI 5 in India in Just 24,999 INR

After the Successful launch in China last month  Xiaomi flagship with killer specifications has now reached India. The 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory variant is priced at Rs 24,999. In India, it will be available in Silver color variant. Its sales through April 6 will flash sale on the company’s official website.

India will not get 64GB and 128GB variants as of now. This means you’ll have to be content with just 32GB. Inspire and the slim design of the Mi Note. The company has been in use 3D glasses. 14g lighter than the iPhone 6S according to the company’s phone and its weight is 129g. Also you can avail the damage protection in just Rs 499 for the company’s protection, scheme, which can be obtained from the official website Mi Protect.


Processor and RAM
The phone consist of company’s high-end specifications, including the new processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and 3GB LPDD4 RAM included.

Compared with iPhone 6S
The company during the launch of this phone are quite tall claims. Compare it with the iPhone 6S is. 14 grams lighter than the iPhone 6S it has been reported.

The marshmallow is built on Android OS
Marshmallow-based custom OS running on the camera of this phone, the company has Compare with other flagship devices. Xiaomi is the first device in the front as well as a fingerprint scanner also has physical buttons.

This is special for photography & Selfie
5.5-inch screen, 16 megapixel smartphone face detection autofocus and 4-megapixel front camera. This phone supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and has a USB Type C port.

Why Smartphones & 4G are Important For youth for Nation evolve

What is a Smartphone #Technocrats

Smartphones are mobile phone with advanced feature & operation system, an combination of Computer system & Cell phones, PDA, Music Players, Digital cameras, GPS systems And multiple sensing technology. Every Smartphone is useful for Internet access, touch screen and can run third party applications as social usage or personal. Smartphones mainly comes with Operating systems like Android, IOs, RIM, Windows Os.

Why Smartphone & 4G are better & Important For youth for Nation evolve.

Smartphones are lifeline of youth. Smartphone are important to drive any nation’s economy as well as education standards. It help people to communicate and work & learn happening all around the world. If you have Smartphone which supports Internet technology like LTE/4G can give high-speed mobile broadband internet, motion sensors, 3D technology features to learn and grow eventually. You can do online shopping & online Banking without any problem. It is very important we should know the value & worth of these two things which we are using in life. It can help for get educated, health, security, earnings & manage your office work. Sharing important files or communicating can help everyone as they needed. Now talking about 4G, It has the ability to offer high quality of service for next generation multimedia support. 4G can run Smoothly across heterogeneous networks.

Smartphones, #Technocrats
Smartphones, #Technocrats

If you have smartphone you don’t Require Watch, Digital camera or Bulky computers to carry with you for your day to day work. Do you love music than multiple apps can make you feel awesome to listen to your best choice music anywhere anytime. Smartphone are consisting heavy loaded apps Along with longer battery life which can give you opportunity to take pictures or make long videos without camera or heavy batteries.

Smartphone are biggest revolution in India and it is well recognized earning source for our country in terms of IT & Software development. Growing anyone business or Learning made easy on smartphones. we have seen mass adoption in India for Smartphones.

4G’s Technical Background & Glimpse on 4G

The representation of technology & generations is equal to any fundamental nature change that occurs in the telephony service, non-cultured transmission technology, bit rates peak value, latest Frequencies band, high bandwidth in Hertz & top speed of data transfer based on bit/second/Hertz/site. This Generation technology came into the place a decade ago, when Analogue 1G to Digital transmission appeared in the market, started from 1981 to 1992. After 1G spectrum we have seen 2G followed in 2001, We had very less support of Multimedia in 1G,2G so we gradually found technology advancement in 2011/2012 when 3G came into the market but year by year technology and growing demand of Internet and social media we are in 4th Generation world now along with IP packet switched Networks which giving gigabit speed via Ultra-Broadband. 4G Firmly named as LTE, And now Tech world is Tested with LTE Advanced (Long Term Evolution Advanced) is a candidate for IMT-Advanced standard, which was submitted by the 3GPP organization. LTE Advanced is importantly an huge enhancement to LTE or 4G. This upgraded technology is new and makes technology more cost effective for telecom vendors to offer LTE and then upgrade to LTE Advanced which can be very similar to the upgrade from WCDMA to HSPA. It will provide cheapest and Higher Data speed of transmission.

India’s first 4G TD-LTE technology service launched by Bharti Airtel, in Kolkata on 10 April 2012, in 2013-14 Airtel tested the service before the official launch in India.  we are proudly sharing the info wrt to #Technocrats.