Best Fun Softwares of 2013

At the end of each year, we get to view a plethora of ‘tops’ on the web that attained popularity and achieved widespread success across the world; the top 10 this and the top 5 that. However, little do such articles explore the credibility of niche and smaller programs that continue to be liked by the masses.

However, today we look at some of the most downloaded and liked softwares throughout the world, which are undermined and never credited. Read on to find about the most popular niche softwares!

fun software
fun software

Google Earth

While journeying the world meant literally something else not till far ago, the Google Earth software has changed the way we travel. With its exceptional features, the Google Earth allows for exploring the actual imagery of Earth by flying over the top of different cities, dotted with buildings and terrains now in 3D.

Whether it’s just for fun or a new city you are travelling to, the Google Earth can serve as a beneficial tool for all purposes.


A fun and learning software to explore the universe, Celestia offers an unparalleled view of the galaxy with exceptional smoothness and efficiency. Once online, you can travel throughout the galaxy, exploring planets and the thousands of stars.

A powerful zoom option adds further value to the software, allowing you to zoom into the things in galaxy and look at them from closer. Unlike other softwares which confine you to Earth, Celestia is a powerful new category spread across the complete galaxy.



A professional level software used for editing some of the Hollywood’s top notch films, Lightworks is now finally available for free. With an intricate software design, Lightworks functions seamlessly, offering the best of advance features of today’s expensive video editing tools.

The software can be used to edit videos with a professional touch and allows for a greater room for creativity. To make matters easier, the software comes packaged with tutorials to allow for a quicker grasp of the program.


WhatsApp is an instant messenger service that allows people to remain connected to friends through their mobile phones. The messenger has an easy to understand interface, connecting people efficiently and making sharing files easier.

You are allowed to send images and videos through this app and have fun even on the go. The software uses the same internet data plan as used by you for browsing the web, connecting to a local Wi-Fi network when available. The WhatsApp messenger is compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and tablets.

Mp3 Skype Recorder

To enable you to keep a record of your online conversations on Skype, the Mp3 Skype Recorder can record any length of recording and save your conversations in Mp3 format. The software is an absolutely free program, ideal for podcasting.

You can easily record your Skype conversations for use in editing or simply to have as a record. The software comes with an easy-to-use interface that is pleasing and attractive, and can keep track of different calls without trouble.

Dayyana is professional writer and online marketer. She is currently working with Ibiza holiday.