Clean Mac Runs Faster

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Many a time personal computer users are faced with a dreaded disease of the system. It is called slow running personal computer. The decrease in speed might be very recent which sets us to think there is something wrong with the computer, both a desk top or a lap top. This happens with any brand. Here, we are talking about mac. The machines are considered the best on the planet, yet they slow down that is when we feel frustrated. We just hope the problem goes and the computer works as well as before.

When others slow down, we would not be so bothered but why is my mac running slow is a bewildering moment for the user. Here is help to make you understand why this happens as well as how it can be set right. There may be many reasons why this happens. Firstly, it may be that there are a pile of junk files sleeping inside the mac that are good for nothing and the type of files may vary right from a document to unused photo files and others. These need to be dealt with immediately.

How to clean it?

The mess inside the mac can be cleaned with the help of cleaning software. Cleanmy mac is one such software which you can use. It takes a few minutes and after that you will see your mac running as fast as it was when you purchased it. This might happen to both a new one as well as an old one. It scans the system and within ten minutes, it is back to normal. The software is free to download and one can check the software in the process.

The second problem that might slow down the mac may be a malfunctioning hardware. This problem is very rare and can be dealt with by using the inbuilt method which involves a few steps and easy steps such as to check whether the OS or Operating System version is 7.0 or newer, disconnect ant USB, or any external hard disc etc except the key board, Ethernet and the mouse, the process takes about fifteen minutes and should be done without any power cut to the mac. If your mac is a portable one attach it to the power plug. Then How to Market Yourself Online testing begins and the results are given out. Then you have to restart the system.

How to fix it?

If it is recommended that you change the hardware, then one should go for it. The third problem is a bad OSX problem. A corrupt Operating system will also slow down the mac. How to solve this? start with safe boot, but if it is already in safe boot, shut it down and restart it on the normal mode, then check for the disk utility and reinstall the operating system and even this does not solve the problem you need to go for an operating system upgrading.

The fourth problem is that the mac’s system controller needs to be reset. It is called as the system management controller and SMC for short. This reset might solve the problem within a few minutes.

After having done all this and still your mac is slow then one has to contact Apple website and leave a query so that they will get in touch with you and try and do the needful. You can also read the comments given by earlier clients and get a few tips on how they proceeded with their slow mac problem and how they fixed it. The next time you wonder why my mac is running slow, How To Create A Successful Website do not panic help is at hand.

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Author: Dilbag Koundal

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