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Things have changed ever since the smart phone wars began. Every company is coming up with yet another amazing set, created to overwhelm the consumers. Yet, in this realm of smart phones some companies rule. Samsung is one of the companies that have taken the phone to the other level. With the Galaxy Note 3 they have hit the battle ground to fend off the competitors. Yet, whether they can or cannot make it happen is a matter of question. Are the features well enough to combat the other smart phones and survive in the market? Let’s have a look at the features and designs.

What’s New:

This is the new generation’s phone. You can say that by the look. This is made of plastic, yet it does not have that tacky demeanour. It looks like leather and soft to touch as well. The rubbery finish gives the users an opportunity to grip the mobile properly. It does not slip out of hand. This leathery grip will prevent any chance of accidental damage. You can compare mobile phone deals in UK and find the best price available for you.

Remember that

*    Actual Samsung Galaxy Note does not have this leathery look. The earlier versions have a plastic finish which failed to satisfy the users and therefore the company came up with yet another new design.

*    Galaxy Note 3 sits comfortably in the palms. The device is light weight as well. Therefore, you will hardly have problem with the device. This is easy to use and easy to carry around.

The S Factor:

The phone’s special feature is the S pen. In the Galaxy Note 3 it is attached with the device. Thus is it unlikely that the S pen will get detached from the device in case it falls off. Samsung has loaded the device with useful apps. This has made the device user friendly. For instant, you get S translator. This will enable you to speak a language into the phone and the device will translate whatever you have said in another.

Display Factor:

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers to the users a updated and high quality display. The screen is awe striking. The screen is over 5.7 inch large. The screen is clear and bright, like crystal. The screen brings to the users an array of bold colour. The extra space is a bonus when you are watching a movie or videos or reading ebook. The device is compatible with ebooks and you can download without problem. Mobile phone comparison shows that the larger screen offers fewer pixels than other smart phones.

Go and Shoot:

Well, we are talking about pictures. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers high quality camera to the users. The pictures are crystal clear and the photos are bright. This device offers greater contrast than other smart phones. Due to this the pictures look so bright and vivid.

Different Features:

In a nutshell, the features of the device are like other smart phones in a better condition. The device offers an upgraded version of the smart phones that are in the market. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 White offers:

*    Android 4.3
*    3GB Ram
*    5.7 inch Screen
*    13MP Camera
*    4G LTE
*    Battery backup

Performance of the Phone:

This phone does not slow down. It is fast and you will be able to download videos within a blink of an eye. The screen might seem too big to use as mobile. Yet, this screen give you the opportunity to download and watch different videos and read without giving your eyes any stress.

Summary – Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers the users unique features and great performance. You can watch videos and read books without trouble.

Stuart Hopes is a blogger who gives reviews of different mobiles and their features. Here he has provided information about and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 White. Users can really get a buying direction on reading this article.

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