Does Technology destroyed our creativity?

Technology destroyed our creativity
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The 32-year-old Robin Sloan San Fransisco you meet, you will feel that they are probably behind the times and technology. He used an old Nokia phone, which is just to call the main application. He notes with pen and paper and printed books and newspapers to read.

Sloan It is incompatible with the technical world. Actually he was working the media manager at Twitter, where the latest social media tools and teaching the use of the rest. Before too long, he had worked in digital journalism. Last year, his first book Penmbras 24-Hour Bookstore ‘to start writing. He realized that his iPhone and other technology that came in the way of their creativity.


According to the New York Times, Sloan said, “For me it was very important that I get e-mails and tweets Czech Instead of thinking and writing notes Bitaun all our time.” In today’s hyper-connected people in a way where there have been, on the other hand there are many people away from technology. People while they are trying to keep the phone away. At least the weekend days off at home to Wi-Fi.

Sloan said that these days they are playing a new game. Whenever he and his friends gather to eat, they all put their phone in the middle of the table. The condition is that the person will pick up your phone first, will fill the entire food bill. we read, wander the mountains of California, cook and meet a lot of men who do not work for technology. “

Technology destroyed our creativity
Technology destroyed our creativity

Many people said that their rules will not use the phone in the bedroom. Some said that even when they are eating dinner on Sunday, leave your phone at home. Instead, they upload it to Instagram to take photographs of their food better than they think they spend time with each other.

A few days ago, Penguin Press is publishing a book, “The Pocket’.

Through this book, some of them small – small game or work conducted so you can once again return to their touch and scent.

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Author: Dilbag Koundal

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