GMail New Avtar and Features

G mail
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Last week, Google updated its storage millions of Gmail users, the chat box Contents with inbox and everything was disappeared for a while. It is the biggest problem faced by the users. If all users set up their mail, then maybe they would not bother.

G mail
G mail

The first benefit that you keep backups of mail matter if it is saved. There are several ways to back up Gmail or Yahoo Mail. There are many cloud base service on the Internet. These can store your mail on the matter. Also your computer, laptop by installing third-party software can not keep up.

Standalone backup program
In the first computer to use standalone standalone backup program you need to install the net. You then need to enter your password and you will be saved in the mail and Kantekts program. Are completely free for standalone backup program window. If you want to preserve your matter much ‘Email keeper’ can also match up. It costs Rs 1,000 in back.

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Author: Dilbag Koundal

Entrepreneur & Owner at Ample Industrial Solutions. We Do Web Design-Developement,iPhone/Mobile Apps Development,SEO/SMO