Myth-Buster Guide To Web Hosting

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Many businesses think that they cannot afford to have a website. But when we take into account the numerous benefits that a functional website delivers (in terms of increase in traffic as well as in sales), the cost of such services is drastically reduced – or rather justified. But in order to be able to choose the right web host, we need to begin with busting a few myths rampant in the domain:

  • ‘Oh, I’ve paid a bomb to the company, they’ll handle it real good.’

Wrong! Just because you’ve paid to benefit from a service does not necessarily mean you’ll be headache free. Expect a lot of input from your side as well. A web hosting service provider will certainly make your job easier but won’t necessarily do everything. You know best when it comes to the goals that you want to achieve through your website, and hence being entirely dependent on a hosting company is not a great idea.

  • ‘Just about any web hosting company will do.’

Wrong! Not all hosting companies provide the same kind of service that they entice you with. Dig in to find out about affordable web hosting that will best suit your needs. If you’re an upcoming organization and traffic is constantly increasing, you’ll not want to disappoint visitors by experiencing down time. Hence Focusing on the uptime a company is an important aspect. A host that gives around 99.9% sounds like a great deal, but the part ‘guaranteed’ is what you need to watch out for. So again, don’t be fooled by numbers.

  • ‘If it’s affordable, it’s good as well.’

Well, partly! Affordability often does not always mean quality. Compromising on quality only because you cannot stretch your budget out a little reflects bad decision-making. In the long-term, the benefactor is going to be only you. So, look out for affordable web hosting that gives you ample options in terms of features and upgrades.

  • ‘Free web hosting is one of the good things that happen in life’’

So not true!  Free web hosting is merely an attempt to tempt you to indulge in web hosting. So there’s a catch (as there always is with freebies). For instance, web hosts often insert ads into your website to get clicks (ads that are not even remotely related  to your website); and when you decide to change hosts, they never really let go of your domain name. In both the instances, the web hosts don’t charge money but they make sure they make up for it through ads and retention of customers.

However, free hosting can be the perfect solution for short term websites or student projects.

  • ‘Green web hosts means that they’re doing their part in saving the Earth.’

Partly! For many hosting companies, becoming eco-friendly has become a serious practice. Many web hosting services are consuming enormous amounts of energy and increasingly feeling responsible for replenishing or finding alternate ways for energy sources. However not all of them are committed to this. They might pledge that they’ve gone green, but they’re still leaving an enormous carbon footprint. Don’t blindly believe them, instead ask for reports of their energy audits, if you’re really keen to go for a green energy provider.

  • ‘There exists a perfect web host.’

Wrong! Like in everything else, perfection is ever-elusive. The web hosting industry has options – diverse and numerous. But perfection is one thing that eludes all. While one host may be good in cloud computing, the other may offer great tech support. So get your priorities on track when it comes to hosting requirements, and choose a web host accordingly.

  • ‘I will get support anytime I need, irrespective of my choice of host’

Certainly not! Many companies shout and offer this service but when you reach out for support,  you don’t get an answer for crucial, long hours. If they offer phone support and you call middle of the night, the phone either keeps ringing or goes to voicemail. Do your research properly and don’t go by what the hosts have to say about themselves. The best way is to see what kind of response you get, and how quickly.

  • ‘Unlimited is what I’ll get’

No! No! There is no such thing as ‘Unlimited Web Hosting’ and/or ‘Unlimited Bandwidth’. These are simply marketing terms that majority of the companies use to get people to sign up for their hosting services. Don’t fall for this. Ask the company what unlimited implies. Delve deeper and separate rogues from rights.

We can guide you to choose a reliable web host, but ultimately there are many decisions that only you’ll have to take. Web hosting can be a wonderful experience, an experience that will help your website grow and prosper if only you go about it the right way. So keep your eyes and ears open, and play smart!

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Author: Dilbag Koundal

Entrepreneur & Owner at Ample Industrial Solutions. We Do Web Design-Developement,iPhone/Mobile Apps Development,SEO/SMO