What are the differences between reseller hosting and VPS hosting

Those who are looking to make a decision about their web hosting needs often ask about the differences between reseller hosting and VPS hosting. The first question is often which one is going to be best for the needs of their website but there isn’t really a clear cut answer.

The main area to think about when looking to choose between reseller and VPS hosting is the initial aim; will the account be utilised to resell hosting, will it be used directly for hosting content, is it going to be used for testing products, applications and software or will it be combination depending on the circumstances. The next objective to examine is how skilful the account holder is with regards to hosting management and the price differences involved.

Reselling as a host is similar to shared hosting and this in itself is a budget solution for those who are new to the web hosting world or have small capacity requirements. Shared hosting holds many accounts – possibly thousands – on one single physical server. All share the same memory and CPU and the server has preinstalled software as well as the choice of one OS system. If any of the account users violate the terms and conditions of their agreement then they can be suspended and when this happens it can have a knock-on effect on the other users as it can slow the whole server down. Shared account hosting is very inexpensive so is good for someone on a budget but there are a number of limitations.

Those who are offering reseller shared hosting will often have benefits and features which are greater than pure shared hosting because the reseller themselves will have extra privileges compared to normal account users who are using the same server. The reseller will be able to create and delete accounts but apart from that they are not that different to any other user.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a different kind of hosting because users are given a partitioned part of the server and that in turn creates their own virtual server. The most advanced VPS offerings have very similar levels of performance to the actual account carriers. This means that the customer can have their own virtual server at a much lower cost to having a dedicated hosting account with all the functionality which comes with the renting of a whole server. A VPS is completely separate from all the other VPS virtual servers and so none of the customers are vying for the same memory and CPU features. Root access is usually not restricted with VPS and this then means that customisation and administration can be hugely varied according to the individual needs of the user. The disadvantage of using VPS is that this hosting option may not be as powerful as that of a server which offers shared plans. Resource depletion is a major factor to consider if choosing VPS and any downtime would require the need for a power reset reboot.

In conclusion, a VPS has more freedom and requires more administration than a reseller shared hosting option. It can cost more but has some added features such as being able to run more than one OS system on the same computer. Resellers plans are inexpensive and fully managed so are good for those with limited skills but have more feature limitations. If a VPS user overuses resources then this could lead to service issues for the others on the server, but on the other hand, a reseller shared user who is using too much resource will see themselves being suspended and all the others will be able to carry on functioning, if at a slower pace for a time.

How screen sharing with a conference call helps

Today, a lot of businesses conduct their business online or remotely. With advances in the web, many people are able to run their businesses from home due to better facilities and options for dealing with clients. For this reason, people are able to provide their services to customers near and far, and are not limited by logistics.

If you are self employed or working from home, it is even more important to maintain communication with your colleagues, clients, customers and anyone else that you might deal with on a regular basis. Communication is important for a number of reasons particularly when it comes to business: It allows you to discuss projects or jobs; it enables you to provide updates on work; it makes your clients feel your relationship is more personal, i.e. that they are not just dealing with a stranger at the end of a computer; and in addition, particularly if you work alone, it provides you with some semblance of normality as you get to speak with other people.

Conference Now was established in 2002 and during that time has helped thousands of people connect through their audio conferencing system. With their simple, hassle free process, meetings do not need to be booked in advance; and you can access the service 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which is particularly useful for those urgent, last minute meetings.

Although a lot of businesses already utilise audio conferencing, for many people out there it is still a bit of an unknown area. Many people think of a conference call as being the same as a telephone call, so simply don’t make use of it. However, conference calling is significantly different to calling someone via the phone, and has many advantages, not least of all the cost savings. Conference Now offer free conference calling, without monthly subscriptions or contracts, making it a much more affordable option than using the phone.

Another reason why businesses do not use conference calling and instead opt for face to face meetings is because they feel you cannot achieve the same results through conference calling. For example, if a manager needs to provide training regarding a new computer system in work, they might automatically feel this can only be done face to face. This results in having to get everyone together at the same time, which proves difficult at times, particularly when people have to travel a great distance to attend. This could lead to delays, distractions and essentially a lot of wasted time. However, audio conferencing can actually help you overcome this, when combined with screen sharing.

Screen sharing allows you to show other people what is on your screen, regardless of where they are. So if you produce your training sessions as a series of screen slides, you can simply present these during your conference call, enabling attendees to view the training programme. This eliminates the need for a face to face meeting, reduces the potential of time being wasted, and of course means you can provide the training to everyone, regardless of where they are.

For free conference calls with screen sharing, Conference Now can help. Using their state of the art communications platform, Conference Now enables you to present information whilst conducting your meeting, without having to worry about arranging timely and costly face to face meetings. This is perfect for those people whose businesses rely solely on delivery training programmes as it means they can deliver them to clients worldwide. So call Conference Now to see how you can benefit from free conference call with screen sharing.

Six Things To Look For In SEO Services

Here is a list of 6 important points you need to look at when considering SEO services:

Six Things To Look For In SEO Services1.    High Search Ranking – If a company who specializes in getting websites to rank high on search engines has a website that doesn’t rank high on a search engine then what does that say about that company? Right off the bat it should tell you that they don’t know what they are doing. Either that or their site is brand new and hasn’t been crawled by the search engines yet.

2.    Past Client Lists – This goes right along with experience. Anyone can throw up a website overnight and suddenly call themselves SEO experts. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Find out about their past clients. Look for testimonials. Ask around and try and find someone who has utilized their services in the past and find out how well the process went. It is always a good idea to vet service companies prior to the hiring phase.

3.    A Quality Website – A low quality website is going to present an air of un-professionalism. Given the design, content, and service management aspects involved in something like SEO, it is necessary to present an air of quality in all three areas.

4.    A Proven Track Record – This is going to include experience, client testimonials, and some benchmarks from past projects which can show what the company has accomplished. A good company will have this list handy and will probably have no problem showing it to prospects. If they don’t then they are either trying to inflate what they have already done and don’t have proof to back it up or they don’t have anything at all.

5.    All-In-One Service Offerings – A good company is going to be all inclusive. They will be able to critique design, give content tips, help with keywords and ranking, and be responsive to needs of their clients.

6.    Analysis – A good service company is going to provide a method of keeping track of what and how well they are doing. This can come either from traffic rankings though Alexa, the search engine rankings themselves, sales analysis tools, or through tools like Google analytics. If not already installed, the SEO Company should be willing to set up and install some or all of these services for your company.

One of the issues that is involved with hiring a company that provides SEO services is finding one that will offer the full range of customer service to help deal with the issues at hand. For instance: a good SEO services company is going to provide analysis to go along with their service in order to evaluate how well certain things are working. They will also be willing to tailor their methods to better hand the needs of each individual customer. If you are currently using an SEO service and they are not providing the things on this list, it might be a good idea to think about switching companies and you should consider starting to shop around whenever it becomes convenient to do so. Based in Phoenix? look into this website – Phoenix SEO Services.

Must have tablets under 100 dollar

A tablet plays an important role in our day to day life. Many cheap tablets are there in the market which you can afford easily. Nowadays everyone is going for the cheap tablets as they provide many unique features like any other expensive ones. Before buying any tablet, you have to consider many things like the price of the tablet, internal capacity of the tablet and many more. Most people think that cheap tablets are worthless, but they are totally wrong. You can buy best tablets under 100 dollar on many online shopping sites. You will get even more discount on the tablets while purchasing the tablet.  The best tablets under 100 dollar are as follows:

Must have tablets under 100 dollarHipstreet Titan XK HS 7DTB4

This is one of the best tablets under 100 dollar. This tablet has a 7 inch screen and a long battery life. Even though this tablet has many similar features like any other tablet, but it is much cheaper. You can purchase this tablet from online vendors. The storage capacity of this tablet 15 GB which will help you to store more files. You can extend the memory of this tablet upto 40 GB.  These best tablets under 100 dollar will be the finest for all businessmen as they can carry this tablet along with them.

Prontotech 7 – Android

This is a cheap tablet and the 7 inch display will help you to read any PDF files on screen. It supports internet connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity too. The 1GB memory will protect your tablet from any hassle. It has a long battery life. These are the best tablets under 100 dollar, which can provide you many excellent features.

Chromo inc. 7

When you compare the tablets under 100 dollar, the chromo inc 7 will be the better one for you. The manufacture of this device has provided a better screen resolution, which will help the user for better experience. It has 512 MB RAM and runs on the Android operating system which provides a large variety of applications. You can check the reviews of these cheap tablets on many sites. All the reviews of the tablet under 100 dollar will show the positive attitude towards the product.

Neutab n7

This tablet is under 100 dollar and you can buy it online or by visiting any mobile stores. It has a 7 inch screen which makes it a better device available for many people to carry important information wherever they go. It has powerful processors and the tablet under 100 dollar will help you to save a huge amount of money easily.

Akaso  kingpad 9

Akaso kingpad 9 is also a cheap tablet like the other ones. This tablet is mainly for those college students who don’t want a heavy tablet. It is easy to carry and you can save a large amount of files. Students can save their college assignments and their project in this tablet. The RAM of 520 GB makes the tablet faster. You can find this tablet under 100 dollar on many sites.

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Hard work – never to be lost:

When it comes to the files that you create over the years go missing due to some fault in the hard disk that is the time when your heart really sinks to the lowest bottom and to think that those files can never be had again is nothing short of grief. It might be the file which you need for the whole career, the research carried out putting immense effort and time which when lost, your career goes along with it. These situations are not uncommon. It might happen to anyone and many of us are very smart so as to keep backups in DVDs which takes a lot of space. When we forget to check the hard disc health as often as we should, then such situations become unavoidable. What is to be done to have your files back?

The solution is here:

One cannot afford to lose the files that we create and maintain for a very long time and we mean it to be safe for a long term use whenever we need the data at an urgent situation. The solution comes again in the form of software. It is named data recovery software. This software has to be installed into the computer and when an emergency occurs, we can use to recover the lost files as quickly as possible and avoid losing important files. The type of file is immaterial because the software is capable of recovering any type of file that you have lost.


The files which have been overwritten also can be restored and recovered, the software works well even with corrupt partitions, and file systems. Because data recovery is very crucial in any type of work, it needs to be carried out with such speed and the software is the solution which can make it happen. Emails and attachments are also recovered with this. Free product support can be had online and one can download the software with ease from the internet and the amount charged is not much when compared to the cost of business loss and time loss that we incur because of lost files. The file type may be from any sort of operating system such as windows or Mac, but the software works on any operating system. One has to pick the right software that suits the operating systems. Some are good enough to recover more than three hundred types of files which one would say is excellent.

Buy the type that suits you:

Some types of software are suitable to recover hard drives, USBs, cameras and phones, and include data preservation features. They can sort out the files in different formats as well. They can work after the recycle bin is empty. Every type of software is available as a package that can be bough online and one must ensure if the software suits your recovery work and your purse. They can recover all the deleted files as well as when the drive partitions are re formatted also.

Check it out:

A wide range of the software is available for you to download by paying the required amount and before doing one can make sure if the purchase is right by checking reviews given by former buyers and the ratings that it has accumulated by the viewers on the internet. Here, we should not wait to confirm whether to buy it or not because everyone needs such a software at any point in time. if we have one, one can not only guard ones files but also restore them as quickly as the problem happens. Consider buying the data recovery software now. It is a must for any office or home.

Make your business prosperous at BlackHat World

In this modern busy world everyone has adapted to make quick decisions regarding any matter. So to make the process of taking decision a simple case, we call for a meeting. The places where these meetings are conducted are thus called conferences. Conference is distinctly divided into many sections such as Education conference, Peace conference, conference for literature, parents-teachers conference, etc. one of the biggest of these which is observed all around the globe is the Press conference. Moreover, it is not a place where only important decisions are controlled. It is also a spot where talks on several aspects in the working of government or discussion about the manipulation of any system are held.

BlackHat World Conference was never established to be one day looked as the number one market place for SEO services, but instead to be searched for the most sought and preferable site company. BlackHat World Conference is not another sheep in the herd. It has some other features which make it the best. Along with its main job, it also provides presents seminars which greet several noted speakers, who share their life experiences relating their episodes of business deals. Their inspirational lectures also involve various portfolios which are very beneficial for the beginners and the small scale industry businessmen. Some of the other features include in this site company is link building, web design and popularity through social media. Social media is one the crucial mediums of identity making. Another major top-notch way is the number of likes on one’s official business Facebook page. To see one million and over likes on your business page would be just the perfect thing you would aspire for. If this is what you are dreaming about, then BHW is the righteous move from your side.

Into the world of BHW

It is for the maiden time in the working of BlackHat World, all the senior managers have come together to construct a BHW conference which will invite many small scale industry owners, Internet Marketers and solely focuses on giving them a series of educational sessions which will teach them the day-to-day tactics for business deals and acknowledge the latest industry trends. For both beginner levels along with experienced affiliate marketers, the BHW has directed its attention to promote grounds for an overall networking surrounding. If you are afraid to find your business sinking then fear no one because BHW will help every needy and it shares passion for online success via specialization, zero hesitation and open mind thinking.

BHW, number one, how?

As mentioned earlier, it has been first recognized as the most preferred and then as the number one. It only due to the quality of services provided. Since its image has spread over the land very rapidly, now it has become very difficult for every businessman to be present for the conferences. But always with a solution, this year BHW has initiated the road trip plan. Hence, according to the plan, the place to be visited is Las Vegas. So with these SEO conference tours, it presents them the latest offerings in the industry.

You can reach the BHW office either by calling at the toll-free number or texting your queries in the box and emailing it. BHW welcomes all the suggestions, complaints and improvement tips. It will fail to achieve its goal if the customers are not satisfied with the amount and quality of output.