Solar Impulse’s Traveled 40000Km Without Fuel, Creates History

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This World is amazing and Full of adventures. Roaming around the globe without fuel, a plane Solar Impulse have made history. This aircraft is Fully based on solar energy which flew this aircraft 40 thousand kilometers around the world. The Flight started from Abu Dhabi on 9 March 2015 at the end of journey after the plane landed on Tuesday this july in Abu Dhabi.

Solar Impluse
Solar Impluse

Solar Impulse took its last flight from Cairo on July 23. The idea is to show the world that it is possible to take off with a Aircraft without emitting any air pollution & without using Any type of Fuels. Here we are going to share, the aircraft and its travel related to Big 5 stories :

1. The plane and its pilot Bertrand Piccard, André Borschberg from Switzerland’s are the main creature of this idea. The project is the result of these two 12 years of research. So its a biggest achievement to these both inventors.

2. The aircraft total 505 hours (23 days longer) was in the sky. IT also fought with Weather enduring all the troubles in Europe, North America and Asia stayed at all airports and travel was completed in 17 stages.

3. It is a light weight aircraft, weighing the equivalent of an SUV (2,300 kg) it has more width than the Boeing 747 but its width is (72 meters or 236 feet).

Solar AirCraft Impluse
Solar AirCraft Impluse

4. The average speed of 75 km per hour, while the maximum speed of the aircraft was 216 km per hour. Blow it up to a height of 8500 meters.

5. Swiss technology based on the plane is made of carbon fiber and 80 percent are 17 thousand solar cells. The aircraft contains one seat to drive in, so both pilots were flying a plane alternately.

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Author: Dilbag Koundal

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