Some of the Recent Trends of the Android App Development

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This is an age where smart phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Android phones, one of the most popularly used smartphones with their dynamic features brought a revolution in the world of telecommunications. Android phones have multiple features and offer scope for third-party Android development that boost the functionality of the device. The different functionalities of the Android phones have the power to influence several aspects of our lives and businesses in a positive way. What makes these Android phones so versatile is their ability to access the Internet.


The Android apps are available on an open source system which means the developer building the Android applications will not be required to any payment for downloading the technology. Thus, the Android applications or apps are cost-effective for users and therefore, choosing them is definitely going to benefit you.

Android application development has already started to benefit different business sectors like advertising, banking and cloud-based services. Most businesses are now preferring to make use of these applications for they can not only function in a faster way are also quite inexpensive. There is no denying that in the last few months there has been a significant rise in the use of mobile banking all over the world. This has naturally paved the way for new forms of banking such as online banks and wealth managers. Mobile payment is being used extensively.

Let us take a look at some of the latest trends associated with the Android app development sector:

Advertising: It can be noted that nowdays the world of advertising is much dependent on Android development application. Infact the emergence of advertising via Android apps has now given a tight competition to online advertising as well.

Location – based services: It is expected that this type of services are likely to gain popularity in the near future for its potential is immense. It primarily focusses on bringing those who have the same interest together. The location-based services can also be used for the purpose of social networking.

Cloud – based services: This is somewhat similar to the location-based services. Cloud-based services will let you share resources between the devices and are therefore, extremely useful for businesses. This also allows the way for the development of the new Android apps. These apps are benefited by the constant connectivity, letting devices access data from the mobile Internet and subsequently share them with other devices. Android developers have also developed such apps that will enable users to access real-time traffic data to the mobile websites by establishing a connection with the nearby devices.

Entertainment : Other than the business and information sector, one can also feel the impact of Android apps development in the area of entertainment as well. It is clear that the popularity of educational games are not going to cease for a long time now for the interest for this kind of games have taken a high rise. The new and advanced games that can be used for advertisement purposes are certainly a great way for securing promotion and profit.

It is being predicted that the Android apps technology will see further new dimensions in the future. The diverse features along with the ability to function faster is what will make Android apps popular in the coming years.

Keira Rose is an Internet marketing blogger who has several blogs on Android and other operating systems to her credit. Those looking for information on how to hire Android app developer will be benefited from her articles.

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