Check Out These Amazing Galaxy S4 Applications

Even though only a few chosen ones have been able to get the hands-on Galaxy Studio experience during the launch of Samsung’s latest smartphone, the leaked and announced features look more than just promising. 1.9 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, 13 MP rear camera, 2 MP front camera, Android 4.2.2 OS, up to 64 GB microSD storage capacity . . . and the list goes on. These are only the specs. What about the applications that make this great design grand? We have got for you a sneak peek to the show.

Galaxy Studio experience
Galaxy Studio experience

S Health:

The first purely impressive feature is the S Health. The new applications in Galaxy S4 let you monitor your heart rate and, if you have the right accessories, even let you measure glucose level and blood pressure. A doctor on the go for you! With the new Calorie Counter, your smart phone will design and propose a healthy diet for you depending on you calorie intake. So now you have your personal doctor in your pocket.

S Translator:

This might not be as impressive but the new Galaxy S4 lets you speak into the phone and translate your words into another language (chosen from the given 9). For the vice-versa, it hears the other person speak and translates their message for you in text. So no more being a lonely foreigner and feeling lost.

Dual Camera:

This is perhaps one of the more appealing feature which lets you use both of the cameras so even if you are taking the picture you will still be in it. The concept is simple, S4 takes the picture from both the front and rear camera and then you can combine the images to form one memorable picture.

Smart Pause and Play:

Galaxy S4 now reads you even when you are watching a movie. As soon as you look elsewhere, S4 recognizes that your attention has been shifted and pauses the video so you don’t miss any scenes you might have to go back for. Similarly when your eyes land on the screen again, it resumes the video. All this happens automatically and smartly.

apps Galaxy_S4
apps Galaxy_S4

Air Gesture:

One great feature! Now you don’t have to touch the phone or speak to operate it for basic functions. Simple hand movements can allow you to pick up a call, scroll webpages that you are browsing, play a song on the music player, and multiple other commands. So when you have your hands in a mess and can’t touch the screen, Air Gesture is there for you.

Group Play:

If you want to use multiplayer for any games on S4 (with other S4 users), this feature is for you. In another dimension,you can sit around in a circle and use this feature (and couple of S4s) to generate surround experience by fixing a channel to each user.Apart from that, it can also be used to transfer files, songs, and photos among S4 users.

With all these features announced, the wait has become even more intense. Samsung intends to make this new model available around the world by the end of April. Susan Hannan from Passcertification; it gives 100% SY0-301 exams. Let’s take benefit of PMI Certifications and pass your exam easily.