Important Reasons Why Your Blog Is A Failure

When you think your blogging is not keeping up with the standards, it means it is time to get down to business and understand the real reason why your blog is failing. I’ve listed seven, just to name a few.

  1. 1.      Superficial Ideas.

You can buy Facebook likes and Twitter fans; you even try to fudge the numbers. And you hire an immigrant with English as a second language to write your seven-dollar articles and blog post. If you’re doing all these be sure that you make a little bit of money off of it.

  1. 2.      A buyer of every tool and program available on the market.

This is a foolish thing to do because you end up like a child on Christmas; you realize that playing with the wrappings was more exciting than the actual product.

  1. 3.      You are always changing shifts.

You can’t keep on changing your Blog strategies,come up with one interesting idea and try sticking to it with it!

  1. 4.      You fail to get serious about your work.

You are losing your focus as a good blogger. Ifit is some motivation that you need, you need to understand that if your business fails, you will have the bad times ahead with the current economy.

  1. 5.      You quit after six months.

You are losing interest in your blog after a while. In such case, think of your blog like a baby. You need to carry it for at least nine months. Then, you have to go through the pains of giving birth. Then, you have to nurture and raise that child into adulthood. Always remember to treat your business like a baby. Get serious and understand that it is a lifelong commitment.

If you see the pattern very closely you will realize thatonly few new blogs become successful and more than too much fell into oblivion. Right now only the successful blogs will probably be the only ones to be up and running for a long time.This definitely is a bad news for newcomers. There are a lot of reasons why blogs fail, and it begins at conception!

  1. 6.      Introvert Blog.

There are a lot of new bloggers who tend to just focus on their blogs, not actually realizing that they won’t have a good amount of audience without proper marketing. Marketing is quite a heavy word which of course entails a longer period of work than the blog post itself. Enable email subscription. Email marketing is very important!

  1. 7.      Poor usage of Social Media. 

You should know how to leverage Facebook and your friends (and your friends’ friends), Twitter marketing, Pinterest, and Google+, Reddit, and a lot more.

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How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in Quite Few Months

If you wish to increase the traffic to your blog in a short time span say, 2 or 3 months there are many important things you need to fix your concentration on.

  1. 1.      Adding content equals Adding Traffic: Blog about some of the trending topics but come up with unique ideas. Create these posts; promotethem whileconcentrating on careful words on the title tag for those posts and then start to cross link those posts within other contents you have already written or currentlywriting with relevant and varied keyword phrases.
  2. 2.      Try at Adding Good Content:Not every post you create has to be, for the sake of getting traffic from search engines or make money with affiliate marketing. These are generally referred as “loss leader” posts. A loss leader is a product that the merchant knows it won’t make any profit  directly – they might even lose money on them. It’s more of a “get them to the store and hopefully they will buy other things” play. Loss leader content doesn’t make money directly, but it helps to increase your branding, your traffic, and your visibility and bring new people to your blog.
  3. 3.      Google+ Communities:Most of you must have already heard or know about the newest Google+ feature – Communities. By posting informative articles to the communities, you can double your website traffic. For the Google communities to work in favour of your business or brand you should post your content inside the appropriate Google+ Communities. This can get you a lot of brand and traffic exposure.
How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in Quite Few Months
How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in Quite Few Months

Don’t just share links from your own site, but also try to comment on and share other people’s content.By engaging in the right Google+ community, you would be able to make the connections with other members and thus get traffic to your blog.

  1. 4.      Link Outreach:Link outreach is hard, you send 100+ emails and end up getting just a few links.

You need to consider some of these:

  • Write more long form content. You need to have quality content (at least 800+ words) before you even do link outreach.
  • Engage with those on social media sites. Before sending an email pitch, you should connect with those people before hand.
  1. 5.      Focus on Quality over Quantity:Despite these types of blog posts are going to take a lot of time, the benefits are endless.Once you start focusing on writing quality content, over time you’ll learn that this is one of the best tips for better blogging.Be it a guest post or content on your site, focus on Quality. Quality content means it is valuable,this lets you earn the trust of your readers and the search engines.

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