E-commerce Security for 2014: Tools of the Next Generation

In 2014 it is expected that nearly US $250 million would be spent on online retail purchases. In addition to the already existing e-commerce sites, many traditional retailers like Target & Macy’s are foraying into online selling for wider market coverage. Development of applications like Magento, Open Cart, and Zen Cart has enhanced this process of online retailing.


With popularization of online retailing the threats of hacking are likely to increase considerably. Servers when connected to Internet are open to the risks of hacking, virus threats, and malware exposure. As servers are stuffed with data of all kind, its piracy or loss could result in unmanageable loss for a company. Companies protect themselves in several ways for all such unfortunate eventualities. Protection of a server begins with secure shells and single use passwords. Your Internet account must always have authentic login shells. If however, it is used for FTP (file transfer protocol) a separate shell is needed to be created.

Use of SSL and SET  – Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol that is used for encrypting communication between server and client. SSL is based on public key and symmetric encryptions. SSL certs are the fastest and most cost-effective way of protecting online data transference.

Similarly for safeguarding credit card transactions, SET (secure electronic transactions) protocol is needed to be installed. Together with protecting communication between server and browser, this protocol also verifies your credit card number and its validity, checks identity of the customer using the concerned credit card, authenticates transaction with bank, and thereafter completes the transaction.

Code signing digital ID – Though buying software across the counter is safe, the same is not true if it is downloaded. The same software stands the risk of infecting your computing devices and programs when obtained from Internet. This becomes particularly risky for marketers offering software items online. The risk lies in the product getting intercepted and modified, impersonated and subsequently re-hosted by cyber criminals. Software with CSC (code signing certificates) indicates that they are authentic, free from malware, and safe to download.  CSC code also ensures legitimacy of the company selling its product online. CSC coded software are compliant with MS Office and Apple operating systems; and compatible to Java, Mozilla, and Adobe Air tools.

E-mail certification or SDC – E-mails are another source of threats to the security of your computing device and its programs. Secure digital certificates (SDC) help in encrypting e-mails so that they might only be opened by respective recipients. Signing an e-mail digitally makes it impossible for anybody else to modify it. For any modifications whatsoever, the recipient is always alerted.

SDC is an essential e-commerce security product since communication through e-mails is considerable in online business. SDCs benefit you in several ways:

  • It helps to keep your e-mails private being only accessible to the concerned recipient;
  • Messages are encrypted easily, thereby allowing faster communication;
  • Encryption of messages help in maintaining business secrecy and security;
  • Communications are well directed and authenticated.

Endpoint Security Manager – This tool is specifically meant for professional applications. Empowered with this security tool, a manager is able to protect an entire network comprising servers, laptops, workstations, and even notebooks. For a professional set up it is important to increase productivity, reduce wastage, curtail costs, and most importantly strengthen security.

Through this application it is possible to centralize the management of all malicious content received through online communication. A centralized management system helps in easier identification, reporting, and rectification of any harmful elements detected in your system and software. Through integrating a single item your entire computing network gets protected. To know more about top web design companies please visit our site – https://www.sourcingline.com/directory/web-designers

Six tips for increasing your email marketing click through rates

In order to make a good return on investment from your email marketing campaigns, you need to ensure that customers are clicking on the links you send them. Whether you are just setting up your first email campaign or need help optimising your click through rates, we have got you covered with our six essential tips below.


Personalising your marketing emails can help to increase click through rates.

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Write an appealing subject line

Although click through rates are extremely important, in order for users to click on your email links, they need to have actually opened your marketing email in the first place. To make your brand’s marketing email stand out in an overcrowded inbox, you need to use a captivating subject line. It is a good idea to stick to a maximum of fifty characters for desktop users or twenty characters if you have a lot of mobile readers. Peeking users’ interest with a question or using their first name within the subject line are both great ways to get them to open your email.


Choose one clear call to action

It is best practice to choose just one clear call to action for each marketing email you send. This may be buying a product from your website, signing up to a service or downloading your content. Whatever the call to action, make sure that it is obvious to readers. Get users to click on your call to action link by placing it at the top of the email and then repeating it throughout the body of text.


Use responsive design

According to Litmus Research, thirty eight per cent of all emails are now opened on mobile devices. This means that if you want to increase your email marketing click through rates, you are going to need to make sure the emails you send are optimised for mobile and tablet viewing. The best way to combat this is to use a responsive design. By ensuring your audience can view your emails properly, no matter what device they are using, you stand a greater chance at them clicking on your links and completing the call to action.


Creating emails with a responsive design will lead to higher click through rates.

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Start with the benefits

No matter what your call to action is, make sure that you have outlined the benefits of it at the top of your email. For example, if you want readers to click on your email link to buy a particular product from your website, you will need to explain why they need your product and what it can do for them at the top of your email. Only after you have done this, should you go on to talk about the product’s features. Don’t assume that your readers will click your call to action link. Make it clear that they will only receive ‘X’ benefits, if they do so.


Provide an incentive

Another fantastic way to increase your email marketing click through rates is to offer readers an incentive. In the most traditional sense, an incentive is a discount or voucher that will allow readers to purchase a product or service at a cheaper rate. Other incentives you could offer include downloading a piece of content for free or offering exclusivity, such as entry to a secret online sale. Offering incentives will tempt readers and make them feel valued by your company.



Personalisation can also have a dramatic impact on your email click through rates. By simply addressing an email using a reader’s first name, rather than a generic term, you stand a better chance at them clicking on your call to action link. If you are marketing your products and services within the email, be sure to offer personalised recommendations based on customers’ previous orders. This will show them that you understand their needs and value their custom, making them more likely to click through to your website. Seek the advice of a company like http://www.fluid-digital.com/ who can advise on a wide range of techniques to improve email click through rates.



Whilst these tips should help you to increase your email marketing click through rates, it is highly recommend that you carry out continuous measuring and testing to facilitate further improvements.


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How to Get More Likes on Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business

Over the past decades, technology shapes the business world big time especially with marketing strategy in getting new clients and keeping up with the current. We are in the 21st century, everyone seems online now and clicking the like button in Facebook.

Facebook is the best place to gain a customer for business today. With over 800 million users, Facebook is very useful tool for companies to make a strong presence in social network.

Either small or large scale business, it doesn’t have to be expensive to have massive followers in Facebook. There are simple yet effective things for your company on Facebook based from Majestic Media, which is a global Facebook marketing agency.

Create Your Website

Creating a Facebook page for your business is easy, but don’t forget to make a website for your business. Check first if your desired URL is available to use via Name Vine because checking manually is a time consuming process. Once you are done creating your site, you can put the link in your business Facebook about page.

Third Party Platform

Unless you have plenty of time for copying and pasting links one by one to Facebook, these tasks can consume a lot of time. But thanks to tool like HootSuite, pushing content to Facebook and other social media platforms made easy. A third party site like HootSuite allows you to post your content in a different social network in just one click.

Application Features in your Page

If you think a simple Facebook page is not enough to get thousand or even million likes for your business, get the service of company like North Social or Pagemodo to create an application and promotion platform for your Facebook business page.

Turn On the Plugins

If you forget that there are FREE tools or plugins on Facebook aside the Share button to introduce your company to the world, better turn them on or someone might dislike your page soon. Social plugins can also utilize Facebook apps to drive traffic to your page. Big or small your business is, every plugins in your social media platforms must switch on because of the positive impact it will give to your business.

Wall Post

Sometimes posting on your business Facebook page frequently might result to negative impact to your followers. Always think that there is the right time of the day, keywords to use and type of media to post on your page.



Facebook Insights for Report

Of course you want to brag the success of your business with the help of Facebook to your colleague, employees, partners and clients, and what else could possibly show it than Facebook Insights. Facebook has metrics to generate report to see which status updates perform well and if your videos are hit or not.

Content Available Locally

If you want to boom your business globally, entice your fans by providing them contents which they can understand and promos available locally in their area. You don’t want your fans visit your page and read language they can’t understand right?

QR Code for Facebook fans

If you want to link your business Facebook page to other campaign materials, probably QR code is the easiest and simple way to use.

Invest for Facebook Ads

Although you’ll spend a few bucks for ads in Facebook, it is worth an investment. It is one of the best to have more “likes” of your business page. Users will get aware the latest news and up to date marketing campaign of your business.


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What to Avoid when Using your Facebook Page for Business

It is now a necessity for businesses to have a Facebook page. Since Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites on the planet, it is just reasonable to establish a good presence on the website. Not only that, Facebook contains such a wide demographic stretching all over the world and from all ages. Nowadays, Facebook is now utilized by business to put up new products and introduce their services. Although competition is very high on Facebook because you have world-known companies there to small retail establishments, you can outsmart the competition by knowing what’s good and what to avoid when using Facebook for online marketing.


Know the Difference between a Website and a Facebook Page

It doesn’t take a genius to know that a Facebook page is far different from a website. Before social media has become a huge phenomenon, the world is no stranger to business websites. Web sites function as virtual stores and has all the information about a company’s products. However, a Facebook page should be treated differently because basically it is on a social networking site. Social networking is used to connect with people and not to spam people about information. If you want to tell people about your company, you can do it by sharing your company’s about page of your website on the Facebook page. In addition, a Facebook page should be utilized as a platform for your customers to interact with you. Your customer’s feedback is very important and your Facebook page is a convenient way to survey them.

Regular Updates is a Must

When people like a Facebook Page, they expect that it will post content regularly. Not updating your Facebook page is a sin and should be avoided at all costs. People would start “unliking” your page because it practically is dead. Also, it doesn’t make sense to make one in the first place if you can’t manage it regularly. However, updating it too much is also an error. Avoid this as it irritates people. A Facebook page is different from a personal profile. For businesses, treat it as seriously as possible. Only post content to a maximum of twice a day or to a minimum of every other day.

Techairways FB
Techairways FB

Do post Informative Content

A Facebook page can be like an advertisement. You can inform people about new products, discount offers or promotions. But make sure that you post it in an accurate, precise and straight to the point way. Users show great appreciation to graphics. More than that, images on a user’s news feed can be spotted easily than text. If you blog on your Facebook page, remember to post new and time conscious content. Customers hate seeing old information. So, tell them something they don’t know and remember to connect it to your business somehow. The most important thing is to mind your grammar and ethics. Nothing screams more unprofessional and unreliable than erratic and vulgar messages.

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