Nokia Lumia 520 Smartphone Specifications with Price in India


The Nokia Lumia 520 says, having fun with the smart phone is the right way to use the phone. It comes with everything you need whether it is the connectivity or the music or photo or even the apps, this little master has got everything in its neat and clean body. Nokia seems to have been checking the right mood of the people and hence has brought a tight and powerful phone that will help enhance the capabilities and the power during use. Nokia is known for its affordable phones with smart features and is also a leading brand when it comes to providing some of the sophisticated features.

Know the Specifications of Nokia Lumia 520:

To begin with the phone is quite attractive and looks like a piece of art with all the colorful case and a slim shape that gives a great appearance and light weight so that handling becomes easy. The design makes it very touchable and you would want to hold it for long. It has highly sensitive touchscreen, which means you have to be careful about how you go about it. You can work even with your gloves or even if you have fashionably fingernails. The features are something that is more than interesting. The Lumia 520 offers a great 4G and this means you do not need to buy a powerhouse when you have this one. So now 3G is as good as ancient. The experience is superior and speed is something that you will be astonished with. It is almost 6 times faster than 3G. With 4G you can be quick with uploads, downloads, snapping and sharing, etc.

Feature rich phone:

There are plenty of features in this affordable and comes with great quality. It is a good mid range phone for those who want to be fast and have advanced features as well. The processor that is comes with is 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core processor. It works on Windows Phone 8 Operating System that helps it to be fast and accurate while operating. There is hardly any lag while you work on it. The main camera here is 5 mega pixels and is focus type with two stage capture. It comes with digital zoom 4 x. however, there is no LED flash so do not try getting pictures in artificial light. The camera comes with Zeiss optics and has ¼ inch of sensor. The focal length comprises of 28 mm. the main features in the camera are landscape orientation, automatic photo upload to web services so that you can share it with your friends right at that moment. The music lovers will get access to MixRadio that provides tracks only for you. it has free streamed mixes of music for you only. The navigation features with Pin places for Start screen, and other apps like HERE Drive etc. besides you get the offline maps, offline navigation, Lumia Amber that provides quickest routes.

Efficiency of the smart phone:

With just under Rs. 9,000 this smart phone provides the best of features and is a great phone when it comes to smooth operation. The storage provides in the Lumia 520 is an expandable storage of 64 GB with the compatible cards. Some call features like conference call, call divert hands free and loudspeaker is very convenient although not very unique or new features. The touch screen is capacitive and great for response. The battery is better than Lumia 620 as it comes with 14300 mAh battery and gives longer life.

It’s a decent looking phone with a 4 inch of touch screen and is available in various bright colors like black, yellow, red, white, cyan. The screen comes with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and displays 16 million colors. It comes integrated with sensors like accelerometer, ambient light sensors. The connectivity options provided are many like the GPRS, Wi-Fi, USB and integrated GPS. Besides there are other features like security feature, lost device tracking, device passscode, and many more.

Nokia Lumia 520 Price in India:

The Nokia Lumia 520 Price in India is around 8,500 rupees only. You can buy it by comparing the price online with


Buy the phone for its efficiency and the affordability. It is a good phone for the price it has. The looks are great and most of all it is a Nokia production.

The fight between S4 and Iphone5S

Refreshed iPhone 5S- hit the market to carry forward Apple flag on the Smartphone market. But this time it has to compete the almighty Samsung Galaxy S4 that has already gained some solid grounds against iPhone 5C’s predecessor, iPhone 5S. So it does not make sense to compare the both. Smartphone market for the time has none other than these two giants to talk about and timeline of the revelation of iPhone 5C before Galaxy moves forward to something S5 has made it compulsion for the dealers and other stakeholders to have a closer look at both flagship Smartphone to provide their customers with the latest and hands on experience about the two devices.

iPhone 5C is considered a mid range phone due to its price but that does not mean that Apple has nothing to offer in the shape of iPhone 5C.  Let us check what Apple has in new bottle of old wine- iPhone 5C, and what the bubbly Galax S4 has offer to its customers other than wider and longer screen.

Samsung Galaxy has a quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 and quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7, whereas iPhone 5C is powered by dual core A6 processor. While Samsung Galaxy runs Android Jelly Bean OS with its version 4.2, iPhone 5C has the latest version of iOS 7 with added new features.  With the variant of 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB both phones have internal storage memory. Samsung Galaxy S4 however takes one step ahead by offering storage up to 64 GB through microSD slot.

Well, on the design fronts, we have two plastic phones but with attractive designs. Both are available in variety of colors, though Apple has taken the tough decision of making iPhone 5C something away from the trademark with brighter colors. Brighter colors have helped iPhone 5C stand out in the crowed due to brighter colors, especially in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S4 with darker toned hues. In the hands, iPhone 5C  gives a smidgen and comfortable feel for being smaller in size and Galaxy S4 feels also good if you have mighty hands. Galaxy S4 however gives you more delightful feelings with its curved edges, and wider yet slimmer body. Both phones have been made using plastic that is not considered a good enough material for Smartphone but again it is up to the buyer whether he/she opts for brighter colors or wider body.

iPhone 5C carries 4-inch 640 x 1136 Retina Display from its predecessor iPhone 5S. Galax S4 on the other hand has 5-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display to catch your eyes. Minor pixel density advantage to Galaxy S4 is noticeable to sharp and vigilant eyes and is negligible from a normal distance. iPhone 5C provides accurate color combination and outdoor visibility. Galaxy S4 has chosen to give its users a vibrant feel with reproduced colors.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with 13mp camera at the rear while iPhone 5C has 8mp rear camera but Apple vows of having better camera software. At the battery life front, Samsung has provided its users with 2600 mAh battery, but Apple has yet to emerge from Steve Jobs’ shadow to announce battery life of iPhone 5C. Black Mist and White Frost are favorite colors for Samsung in Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5C has chosen a myriad of color options from red, to blue, green and yellow, not speaking of Apple’s signature white.

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