Make your Facebook Page Professional

Be content savvy

As said a while ago, your content should be something interesting so that your customers would want to like your Facebook page.  Good content means it should be new, fresh and relevant for the information of your customers. Other than that, it should also be related to the nature of your business. Do make your content something interesting by posting photos, videos or even comedic graphics. This will make customers glued to your Facebook page and make your business booming in the social networking scene in no time.


Don’t be Socially Indifferent

It is social networking, not a one way website. Social networking was built for people to become connected and interacting with each other. So go on and do what it was built to do. Answer questions by your customers and start forums so that you can get some feedback. This is a good way to show them that they matter and customer oriented. Moreover, don’t be afraid to share something from other sources. It’s  a great way to say that your company is outgoing and updated with the latest news. Don’t always make it all about you.

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What to Avoid when Using your Facebook Page for Business

It is now a necessity for businesses to have a Facebook page. Since Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites on the planet, it is just reasonable to establish a good presence on the website. Not only that, Facebook contains such a wide demographic stretching all over the world and from all ages. Nowadays, Facebook is now utilized by business to put up new products and introduce their services. Although competition is very high on Facebook because you have world-known companies there to small retail establishments, you can outsmart the competition by knowing what’s good and what to avoid when using Facebook for online marketing.


Know the Difference between a Website and a Facebook Page

It doesn’t take a genius to know that a Facebook page is far different from a website. Before social media has become a huge phenomenon, the world is no stranger to business websites. Web sites function as virtual stores and has all the information about a company’s products. However, a Facebook page should be treated differently because basically it is on a social networking site. Social networking is used to connect with people and not to spam people about information. If you want to tell people about your company, you can do it by sharing your company’s about page of your website on the Facebook page. In addition, a Facebook page should be utilized as a platform for your customers to interact with you. Your customer’s feedback is very important and your Facebook page is a convenient way to survey them.

Regular Updates is a Must

When people like a Facebook Page, they expect that it will post content regularly. Not updating your Facebook page is a sin and should be avoided at all costs. People would start “unliking” your page because it practically is dead. Also, it doesn’t make sense to make one in the first place if you can’t manage it regularly. However, updating it too much is also an error. Avoid this as it irritates people. A Facebook page is different from a personal profile. For businesses, treat it as seriously as possible. Only post content to a maximum of twice a day or to a minimum of every other day.

Techairways FB
Techairways FB

Do post Informative Content

A Facebook page can be like an advertisement. You can inform people about new products, discount offers or promotions. But make sure that you post it in an accurate, precise and straight to the point way. Users show great appreciation to graphics. More than that, images on a user’s news feed can be spotted easily than text. If you blog on your Facebook page, remember to post new and time conscious content. Customers hate seeing old information. So, tell them something they don’t know and remember to connect it to your business somehow. The most important thing is to mind your grammar and ethics. Nothing screams more unprofessional and unreliable than erratic and vulgar messages.

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