Utilize Mobile-First Design And Fit The World Of Web In The Screen Of Your Device

The concept of mobile-first design was developed by Like Wroblewski in the year 2009. This can be considered to be a subset of responsive web designing. The theory propagates that fist design a website for a smaller screen and then for the bigger ones by adding different features. This approach is also termed as progressive enhancement, and it is opposite to the concept of graceful degradation, which entails the design a functional site and then going backward. Though the mobile-first designs might seem to be very simple, but there are different complexities attached to it. With the increase in the users browsing the internet through the portable devices, this designing technique is increasingly adapted by the designers.

1Process of graceful degradation

If you are wondering what the exact use of this designing process is, then you need to understand the functionality of both the designing processes that are mentioned. When you plan to design a website first for the laptop or desktops, then you can utilize the technologies and features that are provided by the platform. Many of these features and technologies cannot be used when you need to scale down the website to be viewed on a mobile, and this affects the quality of the design as well as hampers the user experience.

Factors for consideration

But, in case mobile-first designs, while designing you have to trim the content to its elementary form so that the final product looks good and is functional on the device. So while designing for the desktop, you need to explore the ways through which you can make the website robust. This form of designing curtails the cost and the time that are utilized to redesign websites, which was in vogue until a few years ago. Viewing a website on a mobile device is not about the screen of the device but also about the connectivity which ranges from the Wi-Fi connections to that of the EDGE and 3G connections. Along with this there is also provision of touchscreen that needs to be considered while designing the layout of a website.

Optimize user experience

To design a site that is compatible for viewing on these devices, you need to take into account a number of hindrances that you are likely to encounter in the process. These factors help the designers to focus on the content of the site and also methods and the layout through which it will be displayed in the site. You need to design a website that provides optimized user experiences and are loaded fast by the browsers. If you are intending to build a website that utilizes the mobile-first designing technology, then you need to follow certain steps.

Structure the content

Content is the most important part of web designing you need to create a versatile, high quality and meaningful content. It should be enough to attract readers. You need to start with structuring the content in a way that is meaningful to your target reader. It is important to remember that the devices will be upgraded, and new models will flood the market, but it is the content that remains. Though a section of designers will argue regarding the best method to display the content is important, but is advisable to make your content versatile and that stand apart from the rest.

Design for the mobile screen

After you have structured the content, you need to concentrate on designing the website solely for the mobile. In comparison to the other media, mobile is much more restrictive, unstable and diverse. While designing, you need to consider a number of features related to the nature of use if these devices. You need to consider the worst-case scenarios first and then start designing the website. It is believed that if you succeed in designing a website on the mobile that you can make the site functional across different devices and platforms. Scaling up of features ensures that your intended message and features will remain same. But, if it is the other way round, then it might lead to the loss of functionality of the site.

Optimize the site

Since you have finalized the responsive design and the content of the site, now you need to scale up the layout of the site, and its functionality. You can take help of a number of tools and techniques in this regard. You also need to optimize the site for the targeted device, for this you need to undertake a thorough research of the using pattern of the readers. This helps the designers to know the browsers and the platform for which the website should be optimized. If the sites are not optimized for the screens of these devices, do not be worried, as the majority of the browsers use larger viewports.

Eliminate fluff content

The key to success of the mobile-first designs is that the elimination of unnecessary contents or the fluffs and keep the content to a rudimentary level. For the websites meant intended only for mobiles the emphasis is on the user experience, so the navigation bars are accommodated for ease of the users.

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Must have tablets under 100 dollar

A tablet plays an important role in our day to day life. Many cheap tablets are there in the market which you can afford easily. Nowadays everyone is going for the cheap tablets as they provide many unique features like any other expensive ones. Before buying any tablet, you have to consider many things like the price of the tablet, internal capacity of the tablet and many more. Most people think that cheap tablets are worthless, but they are totally wrong. You can buy best tablets under 100 dollar on many online shopping sites. You will get even more discount on the tablets while purchasing the tablet.  The best tablets under 100 dollar are as follows:

Must have tablets under 100 dollarHipstreet Titan XK HS 7DTB4

This is one of the best tablets under 100 dollar. This tablet has a 7 inch screen and a long battery life. Even though this tablet has many similar features like any other tablet, but it is much cheaper. You can purchase this tablet from online vendors. The storage capacity of this tablet 15 GB which will help you to store more files. You can extend the memory of this tablet upto 40 GB.  These best tablets under 100 dollar will be the finest for all businessmen as they can carry this tablet along with them.

Prontotech 7 – Android

This is a cheap tablet and the 7 inch display will help you to read any PDF files on screen. It supports internet connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity too. The 1GB memory will protect your tablet from any hassle. It has a long battery life. These are the best tablets under 100 dollar, which can provide you many excellent features.

Chromo inc. 7

When you compare the tablets under 100 dollar, the chromo inc 7 will be the better one for you. The manufacture of this device has provided a better screen resolution, which will help the user for better experience. It has 512 MB RAM and runs on the Android operating system which provides a large variety of applications. You can check the reviews of these cheap tablets on many sites. All the reviews of the tablet under 100 dollar will show the positive attitude towards the product.

Neutab n7

This tablet is under 100 dollar and you can buy it online or by visiting any mobile stores. It has a 7 inch screen which makes it a better device available for many people to carry important information wherever they go. It has powerful processors and the tablet under 100 dollar will help you to save a huge amount of money easily.

Akaso  kingpad 9

Akaso kingpad 9 is also a cheap tablet like the other ones. This tablet is mainly for those college students who don’t want a heavy tablet. It is easy to carry and you can save a large amount of files. Students can save their college assignments and their project in this tablet. The RAM of 520 GB makes the tablet faster. You can find this tablet under 100 dollar on many sites.

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Gadgets and Gizmos for cars

When it comes to make a car appealing, gadgets and gizmos come first to mind. With the availability of high tech gadgets, it is a herculean task to list the best options available. Below I explore top 10 gadgets and gizmos for your car.

car3Car Video Recorder (Digital)

This is what I call the ultimate keep for car owners; it helps you review what happened on the road. This gadget has a flexible design for video recording and available at affordable rate online. It can prove to be an invaluable asset for taxi and bus owners.

 Backseat TV (Sirius)

It is an amazing buy for those parents who want to keep their kids occupied and engaged while driving. Sirius backseat TV is a service which consists of a TV and a monthly subscription. The default program includes shows from Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, no wonder your kids will be glued while you drive in peace.

Night Vision

This system can identify the pedestrians and alert the driver; also it is very useful while driving in night where headlight is the only source of light. The cost might go as it is available only in luxury segment cars as of now. Night vision glasses can be the cheap and best alternative.

Car Communicator

Again this gizmo belongs to the luxury segment and was introduced first by Volvo in their S80 sedan. This device allows the owner to check security systems of its vehicle, the most awesome feature is its hear-beat sensor which checks if someone is left inside the car.


 Travel Mug

Did it ever occurred to you that spilling water or drinks while driving is inevitable, behold help is at hand. This vacuum insulated device keeps your contents hot and cold (4-12 hrs.), is spill and leak proof. Easily affordable and a must have, a product from Contigo.

 Rechargeable LED torch

One of the most important keep for any driver is a torch; this rechargeable led torch from flash wear is a easily rechargeable even from 12v car cigarette lighters.

LED car signal

How does it sound to flash a sign in one’s car like Sorry, or Thank-You, especially when in traffic you are unable to convey the message? It’s a unique and unexpected gizmo that one can have for his or her car.

Auto safe

It is a compact car safe with nuts and bolts of steel, nevertheless a good device to keep your stuff safe inside your car. It can be used for protecting laptops, mobiles, cash or important documents.

 Digital tyre compressor

This is an amazing piece of gadget to be added into your kitty. A digital tyre compressor helps you checking your tyre pressure and driving safe.

Garmin nuLink 2390 with PhotoLive

A state-of-the-art technology, it helps you to access road cameras and man oeuvre through traffic easily. This gizmo comes with full Europe maps live content from google search.

Hope you guys enjoyed the amazing product list, however one should never forget the most import asset for driving a car which is a UK driver’s licence you can also apply directly to the Driving & Vehicle Licence Agency by logging on to their authorised website.

Some of the Recent Trends of the Android App Development

This is an age where smart phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Android phones, one of the most popularly used smartphones with their dynamic features brought a revolution in the world of telecommunications. Android phones have multiple features and offer scope for third-party Android development that boost the functionality of the device. The different functionalities of the Android phones have the power to influence several aspects of our lives and businesses in a positive way. What makes these Android phones so versatile is their ability to access the Internet.


The Android apps are available on an open source system which means the developer building the Android applications will not be required to any payment for downloading the technology. Thus, the Android applications or apps are cost-effective for users and therefore, choosing them is definitely going to benefit you.

Android application development has already started to benefit different business sectors like advertising, banking and cloud-based services. Most businesses are now preferring to make use of these applications for they can not only function in a faster way are also quite inexpensive. There is no denying that in the last few months there has been a significant rise in the use of mobile banking all over the world. This has naturally paved the way for new forms of banking such as online banks and wealth managers. Mobile payment is being used extensively.

Let us take a look at some of the latest trends associated with the Android app development sector:

Advertising: It can be noted that nowdays the world of advertising is much dependent on Android development application. Infact the emergence of advertising via Android apps has now given a tight competition to online advertising as well.

Location – based services: It is expected that this type of services are likely to gain popularity in the near future for its potential is immense. It primarily focusses on bringing those who have the same interest together. The location-based services can also be used for the purpose of social networking.

Cloud – based services: This is somewhat similar to the location-based services. Cloud-based services will let you share resources between the devices and are therefore, extremely useful for businesses. This also allows the way for the development of the new Android apps. These apps are benefited by the constant connectivity, letting devices access data from the mobile Internet and subsequently share them with other devices. Android developers have also developed such apps that will enable users to access real-time traffic data to the mobile websites by establishing a connection with the nearby devices.

Entertainment : Other than the business and information sector, one can also feel the impact of Android apps development in the area of entertainment as well. It is clear that the popularity of educational games are not going to cease for a long time now for the interest for this kind of games have taken a high rise. The new and advanced games that can be used for advertisement purposes are certainly a great way for securing promotion and profit.

It is being predicted that the Android apps technology will see further new dimensions in the future. The diverse features along with the ability to function faster is what will make Android apps popular in the coming years.

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The charm bar is by far the newest Windows feature only seen in Microsoft’s newest operating system Windows 8. It is the user interactive bar on the right of the Desktop. It has auto hide feature and is brought up by using two main ways. These are:


– Pressing Windows Key + C. or

– Moving the mouse pointer in any corner of the right side of the Desktop.

The charm bar has several entries among them, Search, Share, Start, Devices and Setting. Our focus in this tutorial will be the Search feature. When using Search Charm it displays the whole of search. The only conclusion is that the system is saving searches to help in suggestion and predicting what you might want to search next.

In this tutorial I will take you through how to turn on or off searches suggestions in the Search Charm. If turned off, suggestion and predictions will not appear when you search. If turned back on, Search Charm will come back into saving all the searches for suggestion and prediction.

Search suggestion is useful but in some occasions a user might want to disable it for one reason or the other. This is how to do this:

Procedure of turning on / off suggestion in Charm search.

Turning Off.

  1. 1.    Press Windows Key to go to the Metro Start Screen
  2. Press Windows Key + C and open the Charms bar.
  3. Navigate to the Settings Charm click to expand and go to PC Settings.
  4. In the left pane of PC Settings window navigate downwards to Search and click to open.
  5. In the resultant entries on the right side of the window, disable Let Windows save my searches as future suggestions by sliding the slider to the right.
  6. Close Pc setting and you will have disabled saving of suggestions in search.
  • Turning back on.

The procedure of turning back on is as simple as the procedure of turning search suggestions off. Just follow procedure 1 to 4 and in the 5th procedure simply drag the slider from right back to the left and the search suggestion saving will be resumed.

That’s all about it when it comes to tweaking the Search Charm. It’s that simple so try it if you wish to turn those search suggestions on/ off. Thanks for taking time to read my article hope it helps.

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How to fix common iphone problems

It is very difficult for the user to keep his phone away from scratches and other problems which can damage the iphone or make it not to work properly. The top 10 remedy ways to fix the IPhone are as follows:


1.      Use a Tooth Pick

Use a sharp tooth pick to Remove he dust and lint when the micro USB port is loosening up. Also this micro USB port is used for charging IPhones when the charging port is loosen up which can be fixed through the tooth pick.

2.      Clean the Headphone Jack


The headphones jack can get attached to the cotton and other dust when the user keeps their phone in their pocket, which leads to problems when switching between the headphones and the speakers. So cleaning this jack can fix the speaker problems.

3.      Use Alcohol

 Rubbing with alcohol along with cotton swab while pressing the button hardly, will turn the unresponsive buttons to normal.

4.      Replace the battery

When the batteries don’t hold the same amount of charge which they are used to in the initial stage then the user should replace the battery with the newer one. This will make a good effect to the phones.

5.      Get rid of scratches

 Usually phone will get scratch is a common thing, but it is possible to smooth the scratches with the help of sandpaper or the scratch free which makes the phone to appear smooth and shine again.

6.      Be Careful of Water

If your phone dropped into water then in order to rescue it, place it into a bag which contains rice for a couple of days ( 1 or 2 days), This often help in   rescuing  your Iphone.

7.      Use your fingers

When the display screen is affected with moisture then use the fingers to massage the the affected pixels.

8.      Avoid Overheat

When the phone is overheated it may lead to a problem related to both hardware and software. Therefore, it is necessary that when the phone is heated to remove the battery for some time and turn on the phone after a while.

9.      Use DVD lens

It is possible to fix DVD lens into IPhone camera lens. When the IPhone camera lens is affected by scratch or other issues they can replace the lens of DVD’s.

10.   Immediately Replace your Screen when Damaged

When the display screen is completed scratched the only way is to replace the scratched display into a new display.

John S Lam is an IT Instructor at Test4prep. He is 3104 Certified Professional. Take the benefit of our 3302 material and assure your success. Check out our free demo of all certifications Exams.