Gadgets and Gizmos for cars

When it comes to make a car appealing, gadgets and gizmos come first to mind. With the availability of high tech gadgets, it is a herculean task to list the best options available. Below I explore top 10 gadgets and gizmos for your car.

car3Car Video Recorder (Digital)

This is what I call the ultimate keep for car owners; it helps you review what happened on the road. This gadget has a flexible design for video recording and available at affordable rate online. It can prove to be an invaluable asset for taxi and bus owners.

 Backseat TV (Sirius)

It is an amazing buy for those parents who want to keep their kids occupied and engaged while driving. Sirius backseat TV is a service which consists of a TV and a monthly subscription. The default program includes shows from Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, no wonder your kids will be glued while you drive in peace.

Night Vision

This system can identify the pedestrians and alert the driver; also it is very useful while driving in night where headlight is the only source of light. The cost might go as it is available only in luxury segment cars as of now. Night vision glasses can be the cheap and best alternative.

Car Communicator

Again this gizmo belongs to the luxury segment and was introduced first by Volvo in their S80 sedan. This device allows the owner to check security systems of its vehicle, the most awesome feature is its hear-beat sensor which checks if someone is left inside the car.


 Travel Mug

Did it ever occurred to you that spilling water or drinks while driving is inevitable, behold help is at hand. This vacuum insulated device keeps your contents hot and cold (4-12 hrs.), is spill and leak proof. Easily affordable and a must have, a product from Contigo.

 Rechargeable LED torch

One of the most important keep for any driver is a torch; this rechargeable led torch from flash wear is a easily rechargeable even from 12v car cigarette lighters.

LED car signal

How does it sound to flash a sign in one’s car like Sorry, or Thank-You, especially when in traffic you are unable to convey the message? It’s a unique and unexpected gizmo that one can have for his or her car.

Auto safe

It is a compact car safe with nuts and bolts of steel, nevertheless a good device to keep your stuff safe inside your car. It can be used for protecting laptops, mobiles, cash or important documents.

 Digital tyre compressor

This is an amazing piece of gadget to be added into your kitty. A digital tyre compressor helps you checking your tyre pressure and driving safe.

Garmin nuLink 2390 with PhotoLive

A state-of-the-art technology, it helps you to access road cameras and man oeuvre through traffic easily. This gizmo comes with full Europe maps live content from google search.

Hope you guys enjoyed the amazing product list, however one should never forget the most import asset for driving a car which is a UK driver’s licence you can also apply directly to the Driving & Vehicle Licence Agency by logging on to their authorised website.