Things to Know about ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training

ISO auditors are plenty and can be found within and outside your organization or company. Most auditors claim to be ISO certified or ISO qualified, so ensure that you check their credentials properly before hiring them.

The Auditor

The job of an auditor includes the auditing and performance review of his clients. Objectivity is the foremost requirement in an auditor, for reviewing the work quality of colleagues with whom you interact on a daily basis requires impartiality. This is especially hard if the auditor is also the quality manager of the organization. Auditing is an emotional experience as it includes providing feedback and opinion on a person’s work for the company.

Kinds of Auditors

Choose auditors who are professional and well certified for a fair and unbiased review of your employees. You can hire two types of auditors-

The first kind is the second party auditors. They can be from within the organization or from outside it and help in internal audits.

The second kinds are called external auditors. They help in performing third party or registration audits for the company. They are generally employed by Registrars or Auditing Companies accredited by the concerned authorities.

Process of Auditing

The ISO 9001 Standard has certain requirements for auditors and the process of auditing. Quality is maintained because these are requirements, not recommendations. The documentation of the auditing process must include the following-

–          The auditor- the one who conducts the audit and is responsible for the execution of the review

–          Organizational units- what organizational units fall under the purview of the audit. These include the departments in the company, specific processes, sites, functions, activities etc.

–          Description of process- who meets whom, what people should carry, the questions asked and answered and more

–          The supervision of the internal audit plan. This is where the evidence of the audit is documented.

It is possible to add the audit plan and other documentation regarding the auditing process as annex.

Qualities of an Auditor

One of the most important things to do to maintain and increase the performance and rankings of your organization is to choose an ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training who can provide clear cut and accurate performance reviews. Not everyone is able to do this. One basic requirement of every auditor should be an acquaintance with the working of the department that he is auditing. This will help in a fairer reviewing process, going beyond the objective facts of numbers and statistical qualities. Knowledge of the working processes in the company will also help the auditor use his discretion where a departure from norms or anomalies is detected which requires special decisions to be made. The ISO 9001 Standard also lays down certain other requirements for an auditor to have-

–          Ethics- he should be honest, credible and show integrity in his working

–          Open minded- should be willing to listen to others and their ideas

–          Diplomatic- should always be polite and able to handle tough situations with grace and diplomacy

–          Observer- he should be able to observe and understand people besides using questions to get to know more about them

–          Perspective- should be able to evaluate situations and go beyond face value

–          Versatile- he should be able to move from one activity to the next

–          Persistence- should be focused and determined

–          Decisive- should be able to make unbiased and correct decisions

–          Independent- should not be influenced by external factors and should be able to use is intellect

The aim of an ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Trainingis to provide the management with an idea of how things stand with the company. For this, he should be able to handle employees trying to change the topic of conversation or avoiding questions and deal well with them.