Top 5 On-Page SEO Techniques in 2014

What is SEO?

Technology has brought the distant nearer; it has made the impossible possible. Earlier if you wanted any information on anything, you either had to print it on the newspaper or you had to physically go to the venue and enquire. Either ways, you had to put in a lot of labour. Things have become much easier now. Searching for any information is just a matter of a click on the mouse. Just a click will direct you to your desired destination. Hence you don’t have to scan the newspaper for any information any more. You have the entire directory of information right in front of you. Launching your business website has also become relatively simpler. Thanks to the SEO or the Search Engine Optimization. By definition, SEO implies the technique of increasing the visibility of a website on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. if you are looking for a seo company in india then you must try and visit

Necessity of SEO:

SEO can be termed as a tool which places your website at the top most rank in the search engine. Unless your website is visited by a large number of people, the chance of profit is quite less. Hence SEO is really very important to create, develop and launch a new website.

top and best 5 on page seo tips in 2014

5 best on-page SEO techniques in 2014


A Keyword is the heart and soul of an SEO. Wrong usage of keywords can act as a boomerang any time. Some of the vital things to be kept in mind while creating a website are, keyword, keyword in title, keyword density, in meta tags, links etc. The focal point should be the topic in concern and the frequent use of keywords which are relatable to it. You should use various keywords and their synonyms just to state the importance of the keywords in the write-up.

Standard of the article:

Short write-ups are a bygone now. A new trend of long articles has been set. Gone are the days when a 300-word article used to do the tricks! Now you cannot get below at least a 500-word piece of writing. Corporate websites which post short articles should bear in mind that it won’t help them further. Don’t fuss over the word count. Instead stress on the quality of the writing. Many short articles can be merged to make a long article of say 1500 words, which can be helpful. Your content should be grammatically sound and evocative.


Visitors more and more incline towards fresh and distinctive content. You should create content which have been written by many before. New content increases web crawl, intensity of the website, besides popularity on social networking sites. Your content should carry some social message.


Always remember ‘too many cooks spoil the dish.’ Likewise too much of ads may harm your content. The text link ad should sync well with the content. The automated phrase link ads or pop-ups should be shunned.


The titles and headers should be catchy and thought-provoking. You should optimize a keyword which is most often used throughout your content. Choosing the right title relevant to the keyword and the content are things which cannot be compromised on. Combining all these techniques, you can be an expert to use SEO for your benefit.



Today’s life cannot be imagined without a mobile phone. The need for communication among people has led to the overcoming of spatial differences. Only a few decades ago we could not even imagine that we will be able to talk, at any place and anytime, with someone who’s thousands of miles away. Today’s technology allows us even to see the person talking on the phone. Until recently it all was in the field of science fiction.

Everybody should choose mobile phone according to his needs and lifestyle. Some people need the simplest functions, others need complicated applications. But the fact is that from day to day cell phone technology is improving and becoming more advanced and complicated.

mobile phones

Smartphone will know how you feel:

For most people smart phone is the best friend. That is the thing that they hold in their hands for the most time of the day. This is indisputable. But their smart phones cannot help them when they are sad or inform their family when they’re happy.

Scientists are working on that further integration of smart phones and their users. They believe that smart phones should know how their customers feel. Therefore, there is a developed program that should in 93% of cases correctly predict the mood of the user. The emphasis is not on the smart phone to say how he feels, because the user knows that the best, but to warn others that the user is, for example angry. So others can avoid user, because he is angry.

Benefits of navigation on your mobile phone:

Navigation within the mobile application is recently available on Android smart phones. We all know how important is to find the desired location, especially if we are on the trip. Thanks to android smart phones, we can search for restaurants, companies, attractions and more, in wanted area. We can also read the recommendations and descriptions. We do not have to spread the huge paper maps or ask passersby where the desired object is. We just need a few clicks on our smart phone.

Today, there are many models and types of mobile phones. There is also available a huge selection of equipment for mobile phones. Visit the site, and see its offer of shops, discounts and coupons for buying products related to mobile phones and other technology achievement, available for its users.

Navigation uses your internet connection to show the latest maps, offering voice navigation. The navigation tools are regularly updated to the most recent data from the internet. This means that users will not have to buy a new upgraded version of maps or manually update their devices. You no longer have to look at the phone screen to track the route. You can just listen to the voice instructions. The application is designed for android phones. Thus, the application brings all the advantages of Android tablets. These new applications allow their users to explore the world from the comfort of the living room easier and more fun.

There are many more achievements in the field of mobile telephony. Some of them are still not readily available, or are available for a small number of users. Enjoy the advantages of new technology and make your life easier by getting the newer versions of the cell phone. And goodscheine can help you with that.