Alleged images of low cost iphone surface

Have you heard the rumours about a new affordable iphone that is expected to get to the market any time soon? It has been in the rumour land for quite some time now and even recently Tim Cook denied the existence of the affordable iphone but this did not calm down the rumour that was going round about the device. Some images of this cheap iphone were allegedly spotted in China a few days ago and they show the curvy plastic body of the device just like some previous reports about the device.

The images do not prove that it is official that there is the low cost iphone but they are speculated to be the images of the alleged low cost iphone. This is because they are two similar images that appeared from two different sources and they have the same design of the speculated Smartphone.


Images with similar design from two different sources

The images of this low cost iphone have actually been obtained from the Weibo user and another source but these two different sources indicated similar design of the device. The two different photos can clearly be accessed through this site if you want to have a look at the leaked photos.

Both images of the low cost iphone that leaked from these two sources shows that the low cost iphone has a curved back and this is the kind of image that is very similar to what was found in the iphone 3GS earlier on.

According to one source which is the Weibo user, they actually got hold of this low cost iphone device and were able to confirm that the design of the device is able to provide a good feel in the hands to enable the user feel very comfortable while using the device.

Other features that can be seen about the low cost iphone from the images

These two images of the cost iphone actually shows the device in a bumper case and this makes it very difficult to find out if the device is certainly made up of a metal frame just like its high flying sibling which is the expensive iphone.

iphone surface
iphone surface

The image that is considered to be of this low cost iphone also shows that this Smartphone is well equipped with 3.5mm jack, a speaker as well lighting port. If there will appear more tangible and official information about this low cost iphone then you will definitely get posted with the details.

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