This is Called Portable Motion Picture camera

portable motion picture cameraDid you know that the world’s first portable motion picture camera looks like? You may think it’s a ponderous-looking model which will be bad! But it is much more interesting than you think. This camera looks like a gun, and its name, photographic rifle. After the invention of the camera in the industry, a new revolution was born. The killing was designed by French scientist Jules Itaine camera had first appeared in 1882.

The camera specially designed for micro dynamic scenes were filmed. This kind of photography is called Chrono photography. Beaune is located in the hometown of recently killed Itane Jules Jules killed were put on display in museums. Jules, a physiologist by profession, was killed. He wanted to make one such camera, the animals, birds and insects can be used to study the motion. Photographic record footage of the rifle was aided in this study.

Killed to capture pictures of the gun in front of the cylindrical tube 12 shutter placed on a plate. A second opaque disc placed in front of the disc. He then laid the gun on the belly gelatin plate. In the three discs and press the trigger motion picture was filmed.