Now you – pay money to watch videos on YouTube

Famous video sharing website YouTube has launched its first pay channels. Still ongoing testing of different channels on the channel paying user can watch videos. YouTube people to enjoy the service initially will pay 99 cents, or about 52 to 53 bucks. Google’s new service, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have introduced aimed to compete with. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon people gradually doing away with cable TV and Bradcost.


YouTube said in a statement on the blog that we have the YouTube on a paid channel, has launched a pilot program. The subscription fee is 99 cents (about 53 bucks). At the beginning of each channel will be provided to customers 14 days of free service. Also exempt are too many channels in annual fees.

YouTube has just released a list of 50 channels, which can be just seen the video of the program. Subscription maximum charge of U.S. $ 7.99. Video from the website also states that it is just the beginning. Will be expanded in the coming days.

See you all soon all the channels that you prefer the most. After the user channel subscription to your computer, phone, tablet and TV will run smoothly.It can be run on the other device, it is also in the works. YouTube about said the revenue increase were initiated in 2007.