Top 10 On Page SEO Optimization Techniques 2014

Today I am writing  on this subject  because recently, I’ve seen that many individuals spending a lot of cash  and time just to enhance their websites but here in this post, you will gain lots of knowledge on how to enhance a web page and, of course, without charge. So, On page web marketing is a technical SEO term that represents the methods you should use to enhance your web page to improve exposure on web search. You may be asking, how I can enhance my website? What is On page seo and what are On  page seo methods and tips? . So, here I am talking about the Top 10 On page SEO Marketing Strategy.

Before beginning this subject, let us talk primarily on  what On page Marketing actually is. On-page optimization is nothing but execution of strategies to enhance the place of web page in search engines listing with using of particular keywords know as keywords and words. Besides keywords and words, this includes use of appropriate methods, top quality material, meta information, alt- labels to pictures, appropriate SEO tool, bold/italic terms, and many other On Web page aspects. So, all are discussed here and allows you to enhance your place in look for motor outcomes. If you are not getting 100 % free guests from search engines, now is time to enhance your web page.


  •                 To boost your web page to get a better a Google page rank.
  •                 Targeting long-tail keywords and words, we get quickly top position in Google and Google search engines.
  •                 To create your web page and material SEO helpful.

You now know why we’re doing this but how you do you learn to do this?

Top 10 On Web page SEO Marketing Strategy 2013:

1. Post/Page Title

Whenever some bot or person visit your website material, the first thing recognizable is your publish headline. Weblog post/page Headings are one of the most essential On-Page SEO aspects of a web page. Your short material headline should be unique, most eye-catching and also involve the primary keywords and words of that post/page. Try to create short and significant headline. A Title less than 60 figures is suggested.

2. Optimize Your Post URLs/ Permalink

Optimizing your publish URLs or permalink is also one of the most essential SEO aspects because search engines often present outcome on the basis of the URL. Generally, I mean if your web page content look like this,, then it may be rather for search engines bot and also affect your web page performance. I mean, your permalink should involve only rich keywords and words not needless items like the example shown above or something like that. So, it’s better to customize your web page URL instead of generating unique permalink. In WordPress, you can quickly change the permalink structure of your material by visiting page “Settings” tab called “Permalinks”. The most popular format is /%postname%.html and this is strongly suggested. It’s online look for motor helpful.

3. Interlink Your Inner Page

A very essential point to observe for On Web page SEO exercise is that whenever you create a content, always try to interlink it with previous content that you have written. This should be at least 2-5 content and create sure they all are actually in regards with publish. Interlinking to your own short material always allows in increasing page opinions, enhance your place in look for search motor outcomes and also help to reduce your web page jump rate. Through this your guests get around and around your website and help them to discover  all your  material. It’s also your benefits and other. Also ensure you that your website gets properly indexed and allowing the search engines to discover your all websites.

4. Use Your Important Keywords/ Keyword and key phrase Density

Keywords is probably the most essential in On page SEO technique. If you writing a top quality material and without using or duplicating keywords and words in regards with blog niche or particular material, then it’s just pointless. One should not use too many keywords and words over and over again in an material, it is regarded as  blackhat SEO exercise according to He Cutts. Keyword and key phrase filling can also lead to penalization. Try to use an ideal keyword solidity up to 2-5% in an material. This is suggested by top blog writers for On Web page SEO and also allows to improve your position on web.

5. Meta Description

Every search engines bot always check the specific meta information of your material. This description performs an essential part in your web page and you should involve the appropriate keywords and words of your material. This meta explanations are used by search engines when guests discover yours web page in concerns. So, remember to involve them otherwise Google crawlers arbitrarily choices the keywords and words from beginning passage. Please observe that meta information length should not be surpass 160-170 character including areas.

6. Meta Keywords

When you create your short material, to create it even more enhanced you should consider excellent meta keywords and words which is also known as meta data. These keywords and words must be appropriate to your material and select the keywords and words which are likely to be inbound search concerns or hot concerns. Best limit is use just to 3-5 keywords and words. Though  it is said Google no longer uses it that much for position, it’s still advisable to use it anyway since other search engines may still employ it.

7. Use Headlines Tags like H2, H3

Always use significant keywords and words and primary lines in the going labels such as H2, H3, H4.. It create your material more eye-catching and also a excellent On Web page Marketing technique. It may also emphasize your publish primary going, sub going and also allows your guests discover your publish more eye-catching and understandable and of course motor crawlers take observe of titles. My recommendation is use H1 tag only once as the primary headline and use most essential keyword in it. Do not repeat H2, H3 labels again and again with same keyword, it may be  regarded as adverse SEO exercise according to He Cutts.

8. Optimize Your Images And Use Alt Tags

Images are also another significant source of driving 100 % free guests to your web page. Well, plenty and many individuals finder for pictures on Google every minute and if you really want some 100 % free guests, now is time to enhance your pictures for better SEO. When you download image, it’s like 43422.jpg, DCS7874,IMG6402 or dsdj76.jpg. By changing the name to something like iPhone-5-iOS-7.jpg or anything related to your publish, it makes it more understandable to crawlers and of course, person. Also involve alternate tag to create them more retrieveable. for eg.<img src=”iphone-5-ios-7.jpg Alt=” Best-iOS-7-ever-made”>.

9. Keywords In bold Or Italic And Sometimes Underlined

You can use bold, Italic and underlined styles to emphasize essential keywords in your short material to be able get noticed of search engines. You can also use this to draw the interest of your visitors.

10. Canonicalize your URLs

Basically, URL Canonicalization is the exercise in which you enhance your web page URLs to avoid from replication. Let me create this clear,  there may be a issue if your web page can be utilized via WWW or without it. Search  engines may cure the www edition and the non-www edition of your website as copy material. If not, you have nothing to worry about. If you are using WordPress, you can quickly determine it by going to General Setting Web page. Just enter your Weblog full name with or without WWW and save the configurations. If you are using some other blogging software, then it is a big issue. How? Search Engines will cure these webpages independently and mark them as copy webpages which is not excellent for SEO.

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