Oppo Find 5 Mini leaks, said to pack a 3.7 inch 720p screen

Oppo released the Find 5 recently and they are now looking forward to release the mini version of this Find 5 flagship very soon. The small version of the Oppo Find 5 flagship Android Smartphone dubbed ‘Oppo Find 5 Mini’ will actually have the same design as the bigger version but the screen at the front will be smaller.

Most of the features for this device will just be the same as the specifications of the regular big Find 5. If you have been looking forward to having a smaller device of the same features as the Find 5 then you are very lucky as you will be able to have the same qualities in a small body which is light to carry and convenient to have around.


The unique features of the Oppo Find 5 Mini

  • This Oppo Find 5 Mini will be well equipped with a perfect display of 3.7 inch diagonally as well as the resolution of 720p. This shows the small version of the Oppo Find 5 made in a unique and wonderfully small display
  • It is also expected to pack the quad-core processor which is the same as the one of the big Find 5 even with its smaller size making it to be a very powerful small version of the flagship. This however has not yet been confirmed.
  • The Oppo Find 5 Mini will feature a 1.2 GHz Mediatek CPU as well as the LCD display which may seem to be a bit far less capable and these may be meant to actually keep the price for this device in check.
  • The Oppo Find 5 Mini may also have different colour options that surfaced through some few images. Those colours of the device are expected to be blue, green, red and yellow. These are the few features that are known at the moment with other specifications not yet known but as soon as any information appears, you will definitely get posted.

What about the availability and pricing of the Oppo Find 5 Mini?

Rumour has it that this Oppo Find 5 Mini will be selling at a price between 199 Euros to 249Euros which is lower than the regular Find 5 which sells for 399 Euros.

The date for the official announcement, the release of the Oppo Find 5 Mini and when it will actually hit the markets is not yet known.

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