Solar Impulse’s Traveled 40000Km Without Fuel, Creates History

This World is amazing and Full of adventures. Roaming around the globe without fuel, a plane Solar Impulse have made history. This aircraft is Fully based on solar energy which flew this aircraft 40 thousand kilometers around the world. The Flight started from Abu Dhabi on 9 March 2015 at the end of journey after the plane landed on Tuesday this july in Abu Dhabi.

Solar Impluse
Solar Impluse

Solar Impulse took its last flight from Cairo on July 23. The idea is to show the world that it is possible to take off with a Aircraft without emitting any air pollution & without using Any type of Fuels. Here we are going to share, the aircraft and its travel related to Big 5 stories :

1. The plane and its pilot Bertrand Piccard, André Borschberg from Switzerland’s are the main creature of this idea. The project is the result of these two 12 years of research. So its a biggest achievement to these both inventors.

2. The aircraft total 505 hours (23 days longer) was in the sky. IT also fought with Weather enduring all the troubles in Europe, North America and Asia stayed at all airports and travel was completed in 17 stages.

3. It is a light weight aircraft, weighing the equivalent of an SUV (2,300 kg) it has more width than the Boeing 747 but its width is (72 meters or 236 feet).

Solar AirCraft Impluse
Solar AirCraft Impluse

4. The average speed of 75 km per hour, while the maximum speed of the aircraft was 216 km per hour. Blow it up to a height of 8500 meters.

5. Swiss technology based on the plane is made of carbon fiber and 80 percent are 17 thousand solar cells. The aircraft contains one seat to drive in, so both pilots were flying a plane alternately.

GSMA said that By the end of 2015 India will have 50 million mobile users

According to a report by the  GSMA’s global organization Telecommunications companies in the country by the end of this year the number of mobile users will be more than 50 million. The revelation Thursday came from a study of the GSM Association.

13 per cent of the world’s mobile users are in India

The mobile economy: India 2015 telecommunication report says that 13 per cent of the world mobile users live in India. The report also stated that in the next few years in the country, regional and global customer base will grow faster than average.

mobile users
mobile users

Rapid rise of mobile Internet users

According to the report, the number of mobile subscribers in the country at the end of 2014 was 45.3 million, while the end of 2015 is expected to exceed 50 million.The report also showed that since 2010 have moved fast mobile internet user. In 2010, the mobile user to use the Internet, while less than 10 million by the end of 2014 were more than 30 million.

India’s second largest mobile market after China

Acting director general and chief technology officer of the GSMA, Alex Sinclair said, “India is a special mobile market. Mobile have changed in the lives of people and mobile is playing an important role in economic development. Also constant availability of spectrum also played an important role in India. The Topic was brought you by #Technocrats.

Why Smartphones & 4G are Important For youth for Nation evolve

What is a Smartphone #Technocrats

Smartphones are mobile phone with advanced feature & operation system, an combination of Computer system & Cell phones, PDA, Music Players, Digital cameras, GPS systems And multiple sensing technology. Every Smartphone is useful for Internet access, touch screen and can run third party applications as social usage or personal. Smartphones mainly comes with Operating systems like Android, IOs, RIM, Windows Os.

Why Smartphone & 4G are better & Important For youth for Nation evolve.

Smartphones are lifeline of youth. Smartphone are important to drive any nation’s economy as well as education standards. It help people to communicate and work & learn happening all around the world. If you have Smartphone which supports Internet technology like LTE/4G can give high-speed mobile broadband internet, motion sensors, 3D technology features to learn and grow eventually. You can do online shopping & online Banking without any problem. It is very important we should know the value & worth of these two things which we are using in life. It can help for get educated, health, security, earnings & manage your office work. Sharing important files or communicating can help everyone as they needed. Now talking about 4G, It has the ability to offer high quality of service for next generation multimedia support. 4G can run Smoothly across heterogeneous networks.

Smartphones, #Technocrats
Smartphones, #Technocrats

If you have smartphone you don’t Require Watch, Digital camera or Bulky computers to carry with you for your day to day work. Do you love music than multiple apps can make you feel awesome to listen to your best choice music anywhere anytime. Smartphone are consisting heavy loaded apps Along with longer battery life which can give you opportunity to take pictures or make long videos without camera or heavy batteries.

Smartphone are biggest revolution in India and it is well recognized earning source for our country in terms of IT & Software development. Growing anyone business or Learning made easy on smartphones. we have seen mass adoption in India for Smartphones.

4G’s Technical Background & Glimpse on 4G

The representation of technology & generations is equal to any fundamental nature change that occurs in the telephony service, non-cultured transmission technology, bit rates peak value, latest Frequencies band, high bandwidth in Hertz & top speed of data transfer based on bit/second/Hertz/site. This Generation technology came into the place a decade ago, when Analogue 1G to Digital transmission appeared in the market, started from 1981 to 1992. After 1G spectrum we have seen 2G followed in 2001, We had very less support of Multimedia in 1G,2G so we gradually found technology advancement in 2011/2012 when 3G came into the market but year by year technology and growing demand of Internet and social media we are in 4th Generation world now along with IP packet switched Networks which giving gigabit speed via Ultra-Broadband. 4G Firmly named as LTE, And now Tech world is Tested with LTE Advanced (Long Term Evolution Advanced) is a candidate for IMT-Advanced standard, which was submitted by the 3GPP organization. LTE Advanced is importantly an huge enhancement to LTE or 4G. This upgraded technology is new and makes technology more cost effective for telecom vendors to offer LTE and then upgrade to LTE Advanced which can be very similar to the upgrade from WCDMA to HSPA. It will provide cheapest and Higher Data speed of transmission.

India’s first 4G TD-LTE technology service launched by Bharti Airtel, in Kolkata on 10 April 2012, in 2013-14 Airtel tested the service before the official launch in India.  we are proudly sharing the info wrt to #Technocrats.

Cool Gadgets – Elegant With High End Performance

The automotive industry today has come a long way,from being a brute force machine producer to becoming a space age technology marvel creator.Enter the vehicles of today and you will find all sorts of gadgets and gizmos in them giving them a magic touch and a feel of witchcraft and wizardry.The dashboards look like a fighter jet cockpits and you eventually start feeling like an ace pilot.All this has been possible due to the cutting edge science and technology that has went into making them.So let’s see where and how these gadgets work, either which you can buy separately or which are supplied with the car.

1.Infotainment SystemToday’s car have the capability to play everything from movies to music and even games with a touch of your finger or even with your voice command.So you can customize the displays and audio systems according to your needs and have a home theatre system at the go.
2.CamerasThese small gadgets can do far more than you can think.You can attach them to any part of your car and get a view on your dashboard.They can help you while parking to see behind,and what’s the most mind blowing part is they can be switched to night vision so you can drive safely even at night.
3.GPS & Satellite NavigationThese can help you find directions when you are lost or tell you the shortest route and save fuel.They come in handy when you don’t know the place and provide a talking companion on the road so you don’t feel lost.
4.Computer SystemsYou can customize your car and make it a mobile supercomputer.You can get the all information of the car and customize the engineering as well.Connect your car with other devices with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
5.Air Pressure Gauge And PumpYou can measure the tyre pressure on the go and in case of an anomaly just fill the right back up for a safe and smooth ride.
6.Mood LightingYou can customize the lighting in your car for a surreal driving experience.
7.Battery Kick starterDon’t you hate it when your battery dies out,well this small gadget jump starts it in seconds.A must keep in your car for a hassle free voyage.
8.All Access KeyA remote control key to control your car.So the car knows when you are operating it and keeps it safe.
9.Anti Theft System And Central LockingCan check for security threats,can send a homing signal if stolen,and keeps you and the vehicle safe.
10.ABS And Cruise ControlKeeps you safe on the road so if you momentarily lose concentration or the roads are wet nothing goes wrong.
11.Electric And hybrid CarsTech of the future not only are they a boon to the environment but also enhance the pleasure of driving as the pickup is instantaneous because of the electric motors driving it.
12.Self-Driving CarsSome cars of today have it and all cars of tomorrow will have it.So no need of a driver,you can call the car to you and just enjoy in the backseat.
13.Parking assistanceautomatically parks the car without any bumps or mishaps.
14.Collision avoidance SystemProtects the car by automatically applying brakes when it senses a collision is about to happen. 15.Adaptive Brake LightsGives out variable intensity of light to the person behind you depending on how hard you have pressed the brakes and keeps everybody safe.
16.LED Leveled Front Lights3 times more powerful than regular lamps they save energy as well as make your ride safer.
17.Rollover DetectionWith the help of sensors protect any accidents from happening.
18.ABS,Traction & Cruise ControlThese features allow you to have a tension free ride by adapting to the conditions outside and bringing out the best performance from the car
19.Automatic Door lockAnother safety feature that locks the car when it’s moving to keep everyone safe.
20.Active SuspensionFor that comfortable ride,the car adjusts itself according to the road,so you don’t feel even a single bump.
21.Lane Keeping Assistance And Blind Spot MonitoringIf you want to take your eyes of the road then it’s no problem.This piece of tech allows you to sit relaxed and just take control when you want to overtake.
22.Energy Saving SystemSystems like recuperation and auto engine off help save fuel and therefore save money and the environment.
24.Intelligent Air conditioning & Other Adaptive FeaturesAutomatically changes the temperature and airflow according to climate and where the person is sitting at.The car acts intelligently in fulfilling your needs so you have to do almost nothing and just enjoy the ride.
25.Electronic Handbrake,Airbags & Other Safety FeaturesIn emergency sometimes it’s hard to pull a mechanical handbrake this is where electronic handbrake comes in handy to protect you from a mishap.Along with new generation airbags and other security features threat to life has been reduced a lot.
26.Intelligent Auto Assist With Multimedia Interface Todays car work on the touch of your finger and even at your voice commands.So you can text and call without using your voice and the car will read out messages to you.Not only that You can feed the route and the car will take you there.The possibilities are endless and this is just the beginning.
The old days are gone where you had to get dirty to get the work done.The cars of today don’t let you break a sweat and do everything for you.All due to these gadgets and small but marvelous pieces of engineering.

Author Bio:

Amy Lawson is a Passionate blogger.She works on behalf of uk driving licence. She has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2006. As an avid reader and blogger,she shares her experience through her articles on Travel,Education, Technology, Parenting and many more.

Play Subway Surfers Game Online with Your Buddies

There are probably countless games online today, but subway surfers game online is top quality game that would bring awesome smile on the faces of gloomy and sad children. Why so? Actually most of the players don’t know how to play subway surfers online. Believe us or not subway-surfers game is one of the most rapidly popular games in Europe recently. Why is it so popular game worldwide?

This game is well known due to its splendid quality features and staggering characters. You will have to become extra smart especially when playing subway surfers online game. Also you will have to make use of your aesthetic sense when playing such sort of games online with friends. These are the best source for those children who seek a real pleasure. That’s what they are called as the most stimulating games online. These will really make your kids’ brain sharp and intelligent.

You must have heard about android games. Subway surfers are the real games for lifetime entertainment of your kids. They are very cool games which have endless replay value. They contain unique power ups and awesome HD graphics. Probably subway surfers are one of the most acrobatic games online which have a strong floating jet pack.  These have special coins for each player. The more a player will snatch coins during the stages the more he will have a chance of getting high score at the end of each stage of the game. Further there will be magnetic for players throughout the game.

Play Subway Surfers Game Online with Your BuddiesIt is just a wonderful video game online that will really provide an enormous enjoyment to toddlers and younger children. If you want to compete against your buddy in a much stronger way, feel free to download subway surfers now. In this game, players will have a strong mission statement. What is the ultimate objective of game player? The players will have to get rid of inspector and his dog as quickly as possible by employing graffiti. Jake is one of the most awe-inspiring characters of this game. Jake is widely known as a versatile artist and acrobatic performer. Therefore, presence of Jake cannot be overlooked by any means throughout the game.

Then we cannot overlook the significance of some other kinds of amazing characters in this beautiful game. These characters are famously known as samba, Goth and street theater. In addition, break dance and folk dance are important characters. Overall, it is really amazing yet creative game online. So feel free to download your favorite game on your PC now by visiting

5 Reasons for Getting a VoIP Phone

Internet and telecommunications are perhaps the most commonly used services in modern society. Being major communication related services they play an important role in our everyday life.

Over the past few years a leap forward has been taken in telecommunications industry, in the field of Voice over Internet Telephony (VoIP) in particular. Due to such advancement of VoIP technology communication has become more accessible and affordable serving as a more preferable alternative to traditional landline phone services. Being a more flexible and inexpensive telephone service, VoIP continues to cater to residential customers and enterprises. What are the key reasons for which people are massively switching to VoIP services ?

1.    Voice communications and more:

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Telephony using Internet Protocol for data transfer, but it is not limited to voice communications only. In fact VoIP represents a more robust communication platform that is capable to support video calling along with video conferencing and screen sharing options. This enhances ties to collaborate more effectively over a virtual platform with co-workers, clients or business partners who are off-site.

2.    More savings:

VoIP uses Internet connection to complete calls that is the reason why calling over a VoIP based network is always cheaper than calling through conventional telephone systems. Local and international calling rates are always lower with VoIP bringing significant savings for the overall monthly phone bills. This is a great solution for small and medium  size business. Along with low-cost service, expenses are also reduced for the equipment and its maintenance.

3.    Extensive features:

VoIP phone systems come with a large spectrum of features which are already included into the VoIP plan and do not require additional charges. Voicemail, auto-attendant, call waiting and forwarding are only some of the most important features which are usually provided by VoIP service providers for free. This helps businesses improve communication making use of very handy call management features without paying huge bills for these services.

4.    Simple set up:

VoIP supports multiple connections through different lines and extensions without the need to install wires for each of them. Instead of setting up hardware for each of the connection, VoIP users mostly need to just install the corresponding software or else the adaptor to let the signals transmit over the Internet. With VoIP the management of your communication system is simplified to save time, efforts and money.

5.    Scalable solution:

VoIP phone systems are expandable allowing  to easily add extra lines, extensions and expand to new office locations. With centralized management, communication platforms of all office branches are brought together, quickly and easily scaled up without disrupting the business. VoIP streamlines communications through expandable connections and lines making services more scalable to ensure higher productivity.