Top Web Design Trends for the Year 2014

Nowadays, web design is rapidly becoming the fast growing segment among different disciplines of graphic design. Different types of web design services mainly deals with the area of designing a good website, updating and maintaining it in the best way.

At the time of creating website for your business or company, you should keep one thing in mind that your site should reflect a professional image to your prospective clients. The reason behind this is that the professional look of your website will help you to convey credibility to your potential customers. Therefore, for this reason it is better to hire custom web designer or web design company who will help you in creating a custom website design, whilst creating a professional look for your site.

Here, we will discuss about some of the popular web design trends of this year:

  • Less is more– It is advisable to adopt “flat web design” as it reflects simplicity. The less content or design on the web page, the more it will prove appealing to the users. Further, it also makes the page content much easier to understand and offers smooth functionality to it.

Besides this, it is advisable to eliminate any blank space or clutter present on the web page. Minimal content or design on the web page permits a greater focus on content & copy and proves helpful in distilling messages right down to their core.

  • Simple Colours – This year, it is believed that simple yet elegant monochrome colour schemes will rule the web design world.
  • Responsive web design – With technology becoming more advanced, currently tablets and smart phones are ruling the world. For this reason, it is better to stay with the trend and accordingly consider responsive web design, which can have a major influence on users. There has been a great demand seen for simplified websites that have responsive web design, touch-friendly buttons and large attractive fonts, as these elements play a crucial role in gaining attention of users.
  • Flat design – The uber cool ‘flat web design’ has become the most popular choice amongst professional web designers in the online marketing industry. This web design trend has replaced all the previous web design features. This year will see evolvement of web design and its rising popularity and demand in the industry.
  • Mix and Match Typography – It is one of the most stylish ways for presenting useful information and details in the year 2014. The best thing about this type of web design technique is that it creates a visual interest, even without videos or images! Further, this technique is believed to add an interesting element to simple written text.

Thus, make sure you follow these trends to gain a huge online success, this year.

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