Best Tools to Schedule Your Tweets

We have almost 10 Twitter accounts, one for each of my site and keeping all of them updated manually is not possible. One thing which I used here is, added my feeds to be tweeted automatically using Hootsuite and social oomph. Rest, we use few of this apps for example:

  • Hootsuite for auto scheduling
  • Bufferapp for manual adding tweets in buffer
  • Social ommph for sending automated direct messages
Rest, I have added all my Twitter accounts on my iPad and iPhone twitter app and use it to reply to @messgaes and DM’s. Well, you can use hootsuite and any other Social media dashboard t


Many of you might already be familiar with Hootsuite and it is even getting a lot of attention as more and more people are using it.


Hootsuite provides you with a lot of extra features along with the basic feature to schedule tweets on your Twitter account. The interface is easy to use, and it even allows you to customize it according to your liking. This service also uses web technologies such as Ajax in order to keep everything updated. It also has features that can help in saving your time such as providing you with the feature which automatically provides you with updates of your blog feeds into Twitter and threaded conversations, which keeps everything organized when you are following a lot other tweeters. It also allows you to attach pictures, videos and documents to your tweets and creates a link between multiple Twitter accounts that you have. The best thing is, you can manage other social profiles like Facebook profile, Facebook fan pages, Google plus pages and many more. It’s a complete Social media dashboard.

Hootsuite doesn’t have anything which we would we didn’t like.


Twuffur is another site which lets you add tweets in buffer. You can schedule Tweet with an ease.


This is a simple site and does what it says. Offers 4 tabs and one setting tab. You can schedule lots of tweets and you can sort them in any order under schedule tab. The interface is very easy to use, and it even keeps a record of your past and future tweets that you have scheduled. It is also very easy and fast to use. A good thing that we liked about Twuffer was that you can easily choose your timezone and then schedule tweets by hours. Twuffer review here by Darren Rowse.

It is very simple and it can currently just schedule tweets,and there are many other tools, which offer more features then scheduling your tweets. I would prefer to stick to one like SocialOomph, which offers multiple features.

Social Oomph

Social Oomph is one of my favorite in the list. It not only come with feature to schedule Tweets but also offer multiple features, which I have already covered in my Socialoomph review post.

There are many extra features which Social Oomph provides its users with, for free. This service allows you to schedule tweets, save drafts to reuse later, create extended profiles in order for you to display more personal information, automatically follow and unfollow users who do the same thing to you and a lot of other features. Social Oomph can also be upgraded to the ‘Professional Version’. By making this upgrade, you can have the features of Facebook integration, recurring updates as well as keyword tracking.

You will need to register with email activation, and we weren’t expecting the amount of text they kept showing us in certain parts of the application. The interface requires some work in order to become more streamlined. Users are only allowed to schedule 12 tweets per hour.