Tracking Your Website Visitors: A Must Have Manual For You

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I say this with every sense of worth. What I am about to teach you here in this chapter alone can easily be sold for $39 or more. I am going to share something very important with you that is missing in almost every other S.E.O ebook on the internet.


I will show you some how track your visitors, know which site and medium is

sending you MORE visitors.

You cannot manage what you don’t measure!

Most articles on generating traffic focuses mostly on telling you WHAT to do without telling you the importance of tracking. This is the reason why some of you have been struggling to make money online.

Let’s take guest posting for example. Let’s assume you wrote 50 guest posts within a month and that brought in 2,000 visits. If you are like most people who don’t track, your next focus will be to write and

submit another 50 guest posts to all 50 different websites. But when you start tracking you will be able to know which site sent you the MOST visitors and which article brought the most number of clicks. With such information you can focus more on writing the kind of articles that are generating the most interest focusing linearly on the sites that sent the most visitors.!

Google Analytics: The Good Thing From Google

While many people hate Google, we shouldn’t forget that these guys have created  some awesome software’s like no other search engines has and given most of them for free. Take the time of Google Optimizer! Or Google Adword Tool. For now I want to talk about the Google analytics software. I am pretty sure you have heard about it before, I am going to take few steps further and show you some ways to use it to make your website more profitable. Click the link and quickly register to open an account and like I said it is free. This is a great tool that google is giving away at no cost. They could easily charge $47 for it and make some extra millions of dollars in annual revenue but they choose not to do that.

So let me assume you have your analytic account opened. The next thing I want to show you is how to set it up but before I do let me explain some terms to you. When you login into your analytic account there are some terms you need to be familiar with and what they mean.

All Traffic: Gives you an overview of the number of visitors you get from a particular source.

Direct Traffic: Clicking on this will show you the number of people who directly visited your website. These are likely to be your old visitors. Direct traffic consist of those who typed your website name directly in their browser, those who bookmarked a particular page or if they click a link through an email broadcast.

Referrals: This is when a user is on another website and then they click a link that takes them to your website. This can be in the case of guest posting,a banner, or when someone just talked about your website. This is good as you get to know the sites that sends you the most visitors a month through “recommendation”.

Search: Is broken into two. We have the organic and paid.

Organic shows you the keywords that people are using to discover your website through the search engines.  Having this information means you can easily track how many visitors your site is

receiving every month, the keywords that are sending you the most visitors. With such knowledge you can easily know what is and what is not working for you.With this data I can see that within a time frame{ about 20 days actually} I got 1,871 visits of which 1,640 are unique. It also tells me that I get 75% new visitors than I get repeat visitors and even at that the average person spends 2m: 30 seconds

devouring my information’s which is a good thing.

Then by clicking on the overview of the traffic sources I can see that referral traffic accounts to 46% of the total 1,871 visits, followed by Direct traffic.

The point of the whole story is that, you should immediately install Google Analytics on every of your site so you can easily see where your website visitors are coming from.

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