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The charm bar is by far the newest Windows feature only seen in Microsoft’s newest operating system Windows 8. It is the user interactive bar on the right of the Desktop. It has auto hide feature and is brought up by using two main ways. These are:


– Pressing Windows Key + C. or

– Moving the mouse pointer in any corner of the right side of the Desktop.

The charm bar has several entries among them, Search, Share, Start, Devices and Setting. Our focus in this tutorial will be the Search feature. When using Search Charm it displays the whole of search. The only conclusion is that the system is saving searches to help in suggestion and predicting what you might want to search next.

In this tutorial I will take you through how to turn on or off searches suggestions in the Search Charm. If turned off, suggestion and predictions will not appear when you search. If turned back on, Search Charm will come back into saving all the searches for suggestion and prediction.

Search suggestion is useful but in some occasions a user might want to disable it for one reason or the other. This is how to do this:

Procedure of turning on / off suggestion in Charm search.

Turning Off.

  1. 1.    Press Windows Key to go to the Metro Start Screen
  2. Press Windows Key + C and open the Charms bar.
  3. Navigate to the Settings Charm click to expand and go to PC Settings.
  4. In the left pane of PC Settings window navigate downwards to Search and click to open.
  5. In the resultant entries on the right side of the window, disable Let Windows save my searches as future suggestions by sliding the slider to the right.
  6. Close Pc setting and you will have disabled saving of suggestions in search.
  • Turning back on.

The procedure of turning back on is as simple as the procedure of turning search suggestions off. Just follow procedure 1 to 4 and in the 5th procedure simply drag the slider from right back to the left and the search suggestion saving will be resumed.

That’s all about it when it comes to tweaking the Search Charm. It’s that simple so try it if you wish to turn those search suggestions on/ off. Thanks for taking time to read my article hope it helps.

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