Why Virtual Desktops are so Cost-Effective

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Virtual desktops are a phenomenon that over the last few years have made a major impact on the computer industry. It has been clear to see for the years the many benefits they bring to a business ranging from being more eco-friendly to allowing employees to work anywhere in the world. Perhaps the most important benefit of a virtual desktop solution is how cost-effective they are for businesses. Read this article to find out exactly why virtual desktops are so cost-effective.


No need for large data servers:

One of the main uses for computing in a business is for data storage. This in the past has meant spending a lot of money to buy the data servers capable of holding this data. When you purchase a virtual desktop solution you will not need to do any of this data storage yourself as this will all be done by the Cloud provider you choose to go with. By not having such a large initial capital cost this will save you a lot of money, whilst you will not need to pay the regular maintenance fee or electricity bills it costs to run large data servers.

There is no need for data servers any more.

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No need for constant upgrades:

In the technology sector there seems to be a new software or hardware update every year if not more often. To keep up with other businesses you need to be constantly spending a lot of money to make sure you have the latest hardware and software. However when you use a virtual desktop solution this will all be done for you so you can have access to the latest software available. Also a virtual desktop allows you to run powerful software on hardware that is outdated and should not be able to run it. This means you can save your business a lot of money just by not having to constantly renovate your hardware or software.


Not being tied down:

A virtual desktop solution allows your employees a lot more flexibility for where they can work. Office space is very expensive to rent, but if all your work and data is on office computers employees need to be based in the office. However when using a virtual desktop solution employees provided they have internet access can work from anywhere in the world. This means you can have a smaller office space as not all employees need to be in the office. This will obviously save money simply because you can rent a smaller office, but also this will save on electricity costs.


Support as part of the package:

24 hour support is part of the virtual desktop package with most Cloud providers. This means you will no longer have to outsource your support work to another company. If you were already doing the support yourself then you can free up time for yourself by not having to do maintenance and support work. A Cloud provider will have extensive knowledge of the software they will be supporting so can resolve any problems far more efficiently than you could. By having a package that has everything included in it this will save you money and make you more efficient as a business.



Just as IT support is part of the Cloud provider package extra security features will be as well. Many small businesses struggle to afford adequate security normally, but when it is part of the package you will be purchasing anyway this is not an issue. With a wide range of features such as encryption, password logins and recovery backup systems in place the security features of a virtual desktop are fantastic. Looking after your data is important so let a Cloud provider help you do this.

Improved security is fantastic for any business.

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If you are looking for a way to improve your businesses efficiency whilst also decrease your costs then virtual desktops are a brilliant way of doing so. They can be made to be scalable so you pay for exactly what you need and use meaning they are an option for any size of business. Go get some quotes from Cloud providers and see how much it would cost for you.


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Author: Dilbag Koundal

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